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LMD 2018 Minor releases: LMD 2018 History


Support for IDEs and operating systems

  • Supports any Delphi/C++Builder VCL release version 6 or better (including new Delphi/C++Builder 10.2 Tokyo).
  • Including 64bit support for XE2 and higher! The next Delphi/C++Builder release will be supported almost immediately after public availability.
  • Supported IDEs
    • Delphi 6 and better
    • C++ Builder 6 and better
    • Delphi 2005.NET - Delphi 2007.NET
    • Turbo (2006) Professional versions for Delphi, C++ and Delphi.NET
    • All corresponding Studio Products (BDS 2006, CRS 2007, CRS 2009, RAD Studio 2010, XE, XE2, XE3, XE4 etc.)
  • Supported operating systems
    • Win98 and WinNT4 or better (including Windows 7/8/10 or Windows Server 2016).

For recent Delphi/C++Builder releases LMD VCL package support same platforms as the VCL which is included in the IDE (e.g. Delphi 2009 officially supports Win2k or better only). [Top]

64bit support (Delphi XE2 and higher)

All packages were ported to 64bit. Exception: Compatibility controls (dcllmdlegacy) can not be used in 64bit applications.

Package naming conventions

Sinde LMD VCL 2012 package names have been changed to be more consistent with VCL naming convention. LMD version number and IDE version number were removed from package names. Runtime package names are prefixed now with "lmdrt", design-time package names with "dcllmd". Some examples of generated package file names are: lmdrtdocking.dcp, lmdrtdocking.bpi, lmdrtdocking.lib, dcllmddocking.dcp, dcllmddocking.bpi, dcllmddocking.lib. IDE version suffix is still included in generated "bpl", e.g. lmdrtdocking_240.bpl for Delphi 10.1 Berlin.

This change simplifies porting projects (supposed they are compiled with run-time packages) to another IDE version. Since package references contain neither IDE version nor LMD platform version, migrating to a future IDE version requires almost no changes.

LMD 2018 DevUtil

The DevUtil tool was updated (e.g. with Delphi/C++Builder 10.2 Tokyo support) and improved. It is now easier than ever to switch between different workspaces (sets of component packages), even leaving the current IDE is no longer required!

NG 2018 Complete included in any LMD VCL Major product

All major products (LMD VCL Complete, LMD-Tools, LMD IDE-Tools and LMD ElPack) include full license of NG Complete - our latest and most up-to-date VCL controls. Besides the already known NG ConnectionPack, SerializerPack, HTMLPack, DialogPack and ValidatorPack the brand new NG Drag&DropPack is included, which simplifies Drag&Drop operations within but also outside your projects enormously. [Top]

LMD 2018 Reg Utility

Since 2016 release NG Controls uses same license scheme like LMD VCL product line. Thus you can review on your machine available licenses for both LMD VCL and NG products via the RegUtility. Since version 2013 RegUtility installer copies all files to the %APPDATA%\LMD Innovative folder (instead of system folder in previous releases). As known from previous releases the new reg utilities recognize earlier license files (regardless whether they are stored in system or appdata folder), so that only one reg utility is required for current and previous licenses. [Top]

SVN repositories replaced by Git repositories

We moved our source repositories to Git (using GitLab). This changes refers also to repositories which are available for customers. Use your known tools to access our Git repositories.

Free access to Git repositories for LMD VCL Complete / NG Complete 2018 customers!

We moved our sources to new git-based project structure. All VCL/NG Complete 2018 customers receive free access to the Git repositories (based on GitLab). Visit your customer area and use the displayed link in your 2018 license to connect to GitLab. SSO with credentials for customer area is supported). This new feature replaces the old SVN access option, which was a paid add-on. Check also Quick overview for more info. [Top]

New subscription model and new customer area

We received some criticism for our old update policy (especially observing the very fast Embarcadero release cycle and our yearly updates).
Old update policy included free minor updates with same major version number - until next major release was available. We offered only for VCL Complete packages subscription models.
Following changes were introduced with 2016 licenses:

  • Each full- or update purchase includes now a one year subscription (free-of-charge)

This one-year subscription refers to major version updates. If a new major version is released within subscription period, you'll receive automatically new version free of charge. VCL Complete customers will receive even fully new LMD VCL products released in subscription period.

  • Minor updates with same major version number are handled like before:

These updates are always free of charge for all major (products LMD-Tools, ElPack, IDE-Tools, etc.) and standalone packs. These updates are placed in our protected download areas and can be downloaded free of charge - anytime (using your registration utility).

  • What happens when subscription expires?

Subscription period refers only to the right receiving free major version updates.
If your subscription expires, your licenses behaves like before (free minor updates until next major release, perpetual use of the current license).

  • How to renew

Renewals for existing licenses will be applied as extension period to the end of your previous subscription (for example, if your subscription expires 11-Dec-2016, renewing will give you updates until 11-Dec-2017). If your existing subscription has been expired for over three months, you will receive major updates for at least 9 months from the date of renewal. Please note that the term “subscription period” refers to major updates only. As usual product licenses never expire, minor updates with same major version number are always included free of charge and so on.

  • Will I receive notification mails to renew?

We send you notification emails before subscription expires. If you don’t want to receive them, check your profile page and uncheck option “I want to receive mails about my licenses expiration”.

  • Early renewal discounts and update pricing

We honour early renewals. Check your profile page to receive personal offers. Within one year (after subscription period expired) you can renew your subscription for a special renewal rate. After that standard price applies. Upgrade orders (from pre-2016 releases) as known before (to start initial subscription period) will be possible until end of 2016.
To reflect new changes we introduced a new customer area, where customers can review and check license status at one single place.

Package Changes

Will be added with the first LMD 2018 feature release.

Changes/Enhancements since initial LMD VCL 2017 release

All packages

[+] RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo support for all main products and packages
[*] LMD DevUtil updated to support RAD Studio/Delphi/C++ Builder 10.2 Tokyo (SVN user)
[-] VCLStyles support bug fixed (when system themes were disabled (e.g. Basic themes in Win7), controls did not use VCL Styles as well).
[-] Bug fix: Problem with TLMDWideStrings.LoadFromStream.


[+] New LMDApplication methods: SendDataToPrevApp, RegisterDataReceiver and UnregisterDataReceiver, which allows to exchange custom data with pervious application instance.
[+] New TLMDOneInstance events: OnSendData and OnRecevieData to exchange custom data with pervious application instance; new TLMDOneInstance helper methods: WriteAppParams and ReadAppParams. New demo for TLMDOneInstance component, which shows custom data transfer.
[+] New TLMDClipboardMonitor component.
[+] New TLMDLabeledDateTimePicker control.
[+] New Xml format is now supported by TLMDIniCtrl component.
[+] New Alignment property to TLMDEdit.CustomButtons collection item class. So, buttons can now be aligned to the left or to the right side of an edit.
[*] TLMDCalendar and TLMDCalendarEdit VCL-Styles support improvement.
[-] LMDDatePicker on zoomed displays bug fix.
[-] TLMDHtmlHeader: Section vertical text alignment bug has been fixed.
[-] TLMDListBox OnHeaderDrawSection event not fired bug fix.
[-] Several minor bugfixes.
[-] TLMDHtmlHeaderControl text align bug fix.
[-] TLMDSysSystemInfo: TcpIp protocol details detection for Win10 fix.
[-] TLMDCalendar: ColorScheme default value bug has been fixed.
[-] TLMDCaptionButtons: x64 bug fix.
[-] LMDEdit (and descendants): Color property bug fix.
[-] TLMDDateTimePicker drop-down form Z-order bug fix.
[-] TLMDShapeButton OnMouseEnter bug fix.
[-] IFileDialogCustomize interface bug fix (for LMD dialogs).
[-] RegExps - compiler warning removed
[-] TLMDValueComboBox/ListBox AV bug fixed.

LMD DockingPack

[+] New version of DockingStyle Editor (available in \tools folder). The new exe isn't packed with an exe-package (which caused some virus engines to generate false positives).
[-] Small bug, relating to floating panels Z-order has been fixed.
[-] Document tabs reordering bug has been fixed.
[-] Maximizing floating form bug fix (prevent taskbar overflow).
[-] Maximized floating forms in multi-monitor system bug fixes.

LMD GridPack

[+] OnKeyPressW Unicode event added for older Delphi versions.
[-] TLMDGrid: new OnGetCellColors event, which allows to change both: background and font colors for individual cells.
[-] OnKeyPress event is fired for keys, pressed in in-place editors.
[-] Scrollbar related bugs have been fixed
[-] Bug in record position after Cancel or Post has been fixed.


[+] TLMDComponentBar: New ADisplayName parameter in RegisterComponent method.
[+] Built-in property editor for WideChar based properties added.
[-] Bugfix for double-calling property-editor's SetValue method on Enter key press.
[-] Object combo-box seFont bug fix

LMD DesignPack

[-] TLMDDesignPanel scrollbars related bug fix.
[-] ObjectComboBox control: VCL styles bug fixed with seFont.

LMD ElPack

[+] ElListBox: New DefaultItemHeight property added.
[+] Drawing of check boxes in ttmPlatform mode improved. Check boxes have now flat gray border like in VCL's TCheckListBox control.
[+] TElMenubar DisableOnDeactivate property has been added.
[*] TElTreeView.CMMouseWheel scrolling improvement
[-] Small ElTreee HeaderHeight bug fix.
[-] Several El(X)Tree bugfixes reported in forum.
[-] ElTree: Multiselection bugfix.
[-] ElHeader: Invalid designtime item index bug fix.
[-] Property editors for headins/items in El(X)Tree controls displayed unnecessary popup windows
[-] TElLabel placed on two TElPanels designtime drawing bug fix.
[-] Several minor TEl(X)Tree fixes
[-] Multi-monitor ElMenu bug fix.
[-] TEl(X)Tree: Reported VCL Styles related bug fixed.
[-] TElXTree: Header columns drawing bug has been fixed.
[-] Small TElEdit bug fix.
[-] TElHeaderControl: small drawing related bug has been changed.
[-] TElXTree: OnItemCreated and OnItemDeletion events are now stored before Items property in DFM file, and so, are called during initialization of design-time configured TElXTree items.
[-] Check boxes were drawn too small in certain OS environments.
[-] TElXTree - "Control has no parent window" bug fixed (e.g. with internal edits, only for certain VCL releases)
[-] TElXTree "Control has no parent window" bug has been fixed
[-] TElXTree scrollbar bug with Html items has been fixed
[-] TElTree Inplace-Edit font bug fix
[-] TElTree repainting bug fix
[-] TElXTree demo small fix
[-] TELListBox - DefaultItemHeight/ItemHeight DFM bug fix
[-] TElTreeView.Paint small bug fix
[-] ElPageControl Focus-Error bug fix
[-] TElHtmlLabel disabled color bug has been fixed
[-] TElScrollBar VCL Styles painting fix
[-] Main menu font change bug fix
[-] ElScrollbox UseCustomScrollbars issue fixed.
[-] TElPageControl controls not painted on PageControl with VCLTheme bug fixed.
[-] TCrMD5 memory bug fix.
[-] Small TElTreeView.Paint bug fix.

LMD ScriptPack

[-] VBScript DISPATCH_PROPERTYPUT related bug fix.

LMD SyntaxEdit

[+] RegExp MatchPrim method stack overflow issue workaround (MaxMatchPrimDepth and RaiseMatchPrimDepthError global variables has been added).
[+] Title property has been added to Color and Syntax scheme editing dialogs.
[+] New Position options for Find and Replace dialogs. New FindDialogPos and FindDialogWidth global variables, which allow to store dialogs position.
[-] CSS syntax scheme bug fix (Comment inside property).
[-] GoToLine dialog mask bug fix.


[-] TLMDStorCustomINIVault.CustomProperties bug has been fixed.

LMD SysPack

[*] Windows 10 version detection has been improved

LMD RichPack

[-] Internal TLMDDbRtfEdit bug fix.

LMD WebPack

[*] Hash-List hash function Unicode enabled and 64bit support added.