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Support for IDEs and operating systems

  • Compatible with Delphi and C++ Builder XE2 - XE8, including 64bit support for XE2 and higher! The next Delphi/C++Builder release will be support almost immediately after public availability.
  • Supported IDEs
    • Delphi 6, 7, Delphi 2005 - 2010, XE, XE2, XE3, XE4, XE5, XE6, XE7, XE8
    • C++ Builder 6, 2006 - 2010, XE, XE2, XE3, XE4, XE5, XE6, XE7, XE8
    • Delphi 2005.NET - Delphi 2007.NET
    • Turbo (2006) Professional versions for Delphi, C++ and Delphi.NET
    • All corresponding Studio Products (BDS 2006, CRS 2007, CRS 2009, RAD Studio 2010, XE, XE2, XE3, XE4 etc.)
  • Supported operating systems
    • Win98 and WinNT4 or better (including Windows 7 + 8).

For recent Delphi releases LMD VCL package support same platforms as the VCL which is included in the IDE (e.g. Delphi 2009 officially supports Win2k or better only). [Top]

64bit support (Delphi XE2 and higher)

All packages were ported to 64bit. Exception: Compatibility controls (dcllmdlegacy) can not be used in 64bit applications.

Package naming conventions

Sinde LMD VCL 2012 package names have been changed to be more consistent with VCL naming convention. LMD version number and IDE version number were removed from package names. Runtime package names are prefixed now with "lmdrt", design-time package names with "dcllmd". Some examples of generated package file names are: lmdrtdocking.dcp, lmdrtdocking.bpi, lmdrtdocking.lib, dcllmddocking.dcp, dcllmddocking.bpi, dcllmddocking.lib. IDE version suffix is still included in generated "bpl", e.g. lmdrtdocking_210.bpl.

This change simplifies porting projects (supposed they are compiled with run-time packages) to another IDE version. Since package references contain neither IDE version nor LMD platform version, migrating to a future IDE version will require no changes.

LMD 2015 Reg Utility

Since version 2014 all Regutility installers are digitally signed. This will reduce number of heuristic "virus/trojan" warnings from internet security packages (which raise false alarms because of not widely used installers. Which is no surprise, because each regutlity installer is unique).
Since version 2013 RegUtility installer copies all files to the %APPDATA%\LMD Innovative folder (instead of system folder in previous release). As known from previous releases the new reg utilities recognize earlier license files (regardless whether they are stored in system or appdata folder), so that only one reg utility is required for current and previous licenses.

LMD 2015 DevUtil

The DevUtil tool (available for LMD VCL Complete Subscription customers with SVN access) was updated (XE6 - XE8 support) and improved. It is now easier than ever to switch between different workspaces (sets of component packages), even leaving the current IDE is no longer required!

Support for BDE removed (XE7 and higer)

From XE7 on all controls which used specific BDE features are functionally disabled (to avoid references to BDE, which is no longer supported by EMBT).
Those controls are still included for compatbility reasons (TLMDDBAliasNameComboBox, TLMDDBDriverComboBox and TLMDDBTablesComboBox), but do not offer any functionality in Delphi/C++Builder XE7 or higher.

NG 2015 Complete included in any LMD VCL Major product

All major products (LMD VCL Complete, LMD-Tools, LMD IDE-Tools and LMD ElPack) include now a full license of NG Complete - our latest and most up-to-date VCL controls. Besides the already known NG SerializerPack, HTMLPack, DialogPack and ValidatorPack the brand new NG ConnectionPack is included, which allows access to the most common cloud file services and several Google Services. [Top]


  • XE7 compatibility and general refactorings.
  • SyntaxEdit: Several refactorings and performance enhancements.
  • ScriptPack: New option to disable ScriptPack Importer Wizard at designtime.
  • ScriptPack: VCL/RTL features of new Delphi/C++Builder releases added
  • ScriptPack: XE6 + XE7 importer files added


Changes/Enhancements since initial LMD VCL 2014 release

All packages

[+] New helpfiles for Delphi/C++Builder XE6 available
[+] Delphi/C++Builder XE6 releases compiled against XE6 Update 1 (which is now a requirement).
[+] Delphi/C++ XE6 compatibility including new installers!
[-] All helpfiles updated. Misleading default directories (C:\LMD2013) and version numbers fixed.
[*] Mising component icons added.
[-] HTML Base unit - HTML table conversion fixed (fixes all HTML based controls)
[-] 64bit support: Several fixes to improve 64bit compatibility
[-] About box of controls report correct OS (Windows 7 and better).


[+] LMDSysIn.pas: Windows 8.1 and Windows 2012 R2 Server support for LMDSysPlatform and LMDSysPlatformStr added
[+] Align property for TLMDBaseEdit and descendants published.
[*] TLMDWndButtonShape: When RepeatedClick feature is enabled and control loses focus, internal timer will be stopped now automatically (previously: a WM_LBUTTONUP message had to be sent to the control).
[-] Extented Dialog controls (LMDDlgEx.pas): 64bit comatibility improved.
[-] TLMDStarter: LMDStarter.pas: Several bugfixes (Wrong parameters for API call, Unicode conversion errors, C++Builder integration problems). Thanks to JF!
[-] LMDThemeServices: Fixed problem, that Services were not disposed in DLLs.
[-] Missing fix from LMD 2013 branch merged: Critical fix for LMDListBoxExt based controls (List- and ComboBoxes). AV appeared when control was dropped on a form at designtime.

LMD ElPack

[*] ElButtonEdit: ChangeScale behaviour changed
[*] ElToolBarButton: ButtonID not stored into DFM when 0
[*] ElTreeView: Changes in MouseDown handling
[-] ElShellUtils.pas/C++Builder XE2 and above: Fixed headers
[-] TElXTree: Performance optimization (TriggerVirtualTextNeeded event was triggered twice).
[-] ElMD5: InputAnsiString and InputWideString properties along with corresponding input type constants has been added to MD5 hasher. Also InputString property behavior, which use native Delphi 'string' type has been fixed to support unicode strings on latest Delphi versions.
[-] Infinite loop in ElTreeCombo fixed
[-] ElPageCtl: Problem with non-drawn tabs (when ImageForm control is assigned) solved. For making use of ImageForm property, ThemeMode must be ttmNone.
[-] ELToolBar- + PopupButtons: ParentThemeMode property correctly initialized
[-] ElTree: When UseCustomScrollBars was to false and scrollbar was dragged with mouse, the scrollbar moved back to original position. This was fixed (moving scrollbar with mouse is possible again).
[-] Problem with ElPageControl designtime editor in XE3 or higher solved.
[-] ElDateTimePicker: Fix for F4-Key in ShowCheckBox mode (DropDown was shown though control is disabled)

LMD DockingPack

[+] Site.OnAutoHide event has been added to track auto-hide panels shifting events.
[-] panels caption bug fixed. "&" character is no more expanded as prefix.
[-] More accurate bounds check of shifting panel.
[-] Close buttons bug fix.
[-] Update problem with borders fixed.

LMD GridPack

[+] Many additional standard events and properties were made public/published (e.g. OnDblClick, Drag&Drop events etc.).
[-] Click and DblClick events bug fix (double fired)
[-] MouseMove handling fixed

LMD RichPack

[-] TLMDRichEdit and descendants: Wrong position of context menu in recent Delphi/C++Builder releases fixed.

LMD SysPack

[+] Windows 8.1 and Windows 2012 R2 Server detection added.

LMD SyntaxEdit

[-] PHP function with comments folding bug fix.
[-] CSS scheme bug fix.
[-] Stack overflow bug fix.