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This documents contains history logs for all LMD-Tools 2009 products (except LMD ElPack and LMD IDE-Tools packages).
First official release: 23-September-2008

Major version numbers are:
LMD-Tools 9.0, LMD BarPack 3.0, LMD ChartPack 2.0, LMD FxPack 3.0, LMD RichPack 5.0, LMD SearchPack 4.0, LMD ShellPack 5.0, LMD SysPack 4.0, LMD StoragePack 3.0, LMD WebPack 5.0.

[+] Feature added
[*] Feature changed
[-] Bug fixed

LMD-Tools / LMD Packs History Logs

Release 9.08 (16-06-2009)

LMD Tools

[-] LMDGraphUtils: code for multiline text in LMDDrawTextCalcExt added
[+] LMDSysIn: Added Windows 7 determination
[-] LMDHTMLUnit: Fixed incorrect images with different heights drawing (elpack newsgroup "Wrong Displaying of Images in HTML (ElPack6/7)" 10.06.2009)
[*] LMDHTMLUnit: TLMDHTMLRender.TriggerImageNeededEvent method's logic slightly changed to support TLMDHTMLImageNeededEvent if legacy OnImageNeeded event is assigned.
[-] LMDTaskDialogTemplate: TaskDialogIndirect incorrect result returning was fixed
[-] LMDButtonBar: scrolling issue fixed (rep. in lmdtools newsgroup by John Mulvey 24/02/2009).
[-] LMDHTMLLabel: html text in disabled status is now looks faded (rep. by Bernhard Geyer in elpack newsgroup from 11/03/2009).
[+] LMDListBox: images in header support added
[*] LMDPNGImage: TLMDPNGObject: Changed(Self) added to LoadFromStream
[-] LMDTaskDlg: Memory Leak fix
[-] LMD*Label, LMDCustomEdit: Bound label alignment issue fixed
[-] LMDCustomEdit, LMDSBtn: custom buttons theme mode now is synchronized with parent edit theme mode
[-] LMDBaseEdit: Minor region-handling bug fixed
[-] LMDCustomMemo: ScrollBar "bouncing" effect fixed
[-] LMDCustomMemo, LMDBaseEdit: incorrect drawing in themed mode when margin <> 0 or horizontal scrolling is used - fixed
[-] D6: AV due to optimization in LMDGlyphs fixed

LMD Packs

LMD StoragePack
[+] LMDStorBase: IsLoading read-only property added;
[+] LMDStorINIVault, LMDStorXMLVault: OnUpdateBeforeClose event added.

LMD ThemesPack
[-] LMDThemesEngine: LMDThemesEngine: DeactivateTheme method fixed
[+] LMDThemesSGThemeRenderer: teHeader support added
[+] LMDThemesSGThemeRenderer: teScrollbar support added

Release 9.07 (22-04-2009)

LMD Tools

[+] Delphi 6 and C++Builder 6 support
[-] TLMDCustomProgress: pgXPBar works again even when ThemeMode = ttmNone
BTS #703:
[+] LMDBaseEdit: protected field FForceOverwriteMode added
[+] LMDCustomExtSpinEdit: OnValueChanging, OnValueChanged events added; AutoDisableButtons property added.
[*] LMDSpinButton: CM_ENABLEDCHANGED method enhanced to support disabling one button.

LMD Packs

[+] Delphi 6 and C++Builder 6 support
LMD PrintPack
[+] LMDMlGen: Delphi 2009 support added

Release 9.06 (31-Mar-2009)

LMD Tools

[+] LMDFormDisplay: Merging main menu functionality added
[+] LMDFormDisplay: AutoFocus property added
[+] LMDPageControl: TabAlignment property added
[+] LMDColorEdit: "Custom color..." item added for executing custom color dialog; SelectedColor is restored now correctly after custom color dialog was cancelled
[*] Delphi.Net support removed
[-] LMDBaseDialog: invisible radio/check buttons (when theme is off in the OS) fixed
[-] LMDButtonListData: rendering fixed for ttmPlatform mode for classic windows theme (TLMDCheckListBox issue)
[-] LMDCaptionPanel demo minor fix
[-] LMDClass: LMDApplication.GetXPThemesSupported logic restored (disabled themes like classic windows mode was ignored)
[-] LMDCmps.inc: LMDDISABLE_OLEINIT conditional made undefined by default; remark fixed
[-] LMDCustomColorComboBox: HexDisplayPrefix issue fixed
[-] LMDCustomHint: calling TLMDMessageHint.ShowMessage after TLMDMessageHint.ShowHint caused AV - fixed
[-] LMDCustomMemo: CharWidths array calculation fixed for D2007 and earlier (DoFontChanged method)
[-] LMDHeader: ThemeMode, ThemeGlobalMode props made published in TLMDHeader class
[-] LMDHTMLUnit: raising exception if HTML is not valid removed
[-] LMDIniCtrl: Added tkUString for WriteString properties (Delphi 2009 support)
[-] LMDMessageHint: "Close" button did not work on multiple hint messages - fixed
[-] LMDProcs: Redundand LMDCharInSet removed from LMDProcs unit
[-] LMDPNGImage: AV in Win98 fixed
[-] LMDPNGImage: RemoveTransparency fix
[-] LMDUnicodeEncodings: lmdrtl: minor bugfix in UTF8 autodetection
[-] LMDVldBase, LMDBaseEdit: String change to TLMDString for TLMDBaseEdit and validation
[-] Unicode fixed for TLMDBaseEdit and descendants for crs2009
[-] BTS#694 issue fixed (TLMDFormShadow in designtime in D2009)

LMD Packs

LMD RichPack
[+] Themed border added to TLMDCustomRichEdit
[-] BTS #688 issue fixed (LMDRichEdit context menu placement)
[-] Text disappearance when control is placed on TMS's TAdvOfficePager in CRS2009 issue fixed

LMD SysPack
LMDSysObject, LMDSysWallpaperObject [-] CRS 2009 related fixes

LMD WebPack
[-] LMDDownload: Improved D2009 support (varUString)
[-] LMDMapi: Only first symbol of MessageBody was passed to mail client (CRS 2009) - fixed

Release 9.05 (12-Feb-2009)

LMD Tools

[+] LMDThemes: ActivateTheme, ActivateColorScheme methods unified and added to base class TLMDThemeRenderer and to TLMDThemeServices classes
[-] LMDButtonBar: BTS #682 issue fixed (Calling MessageBox within OnBeforeSectionChange handler broke LMDButtonBar behavior)
[-] LMDButtonBar: OnBeforeSectionChange triggered twice - fixed
[-] LMDFormVista: Memory leak in FormVista fixed
[-] LMDGraphUtils: Correct DC versions of LMDGradientPaintExt and LMDGradientPaint added
[-] LMDCaptionPanel: ttmNative mode fixed
[-] LMDCheckGroupButton: mouse handling at design-time fixed

LMD Packs

LMD ThemesPack
[-] Main drawing procedure speeded up
[-] Missing methods added
[-] TLMDBaseEdit rendering fixed
[+] ElPageControl, El*Button support added
[+] Simple gradient theme demo enhanced

LMD ShellPack
[+] LMDShellInvokeContextMenu: aSuppressCmd param added (false by default to keep compatibility)
[+] Overloaded version of LMDShellInvokeContextMenu for given full file/directory name added.

LMD SysPack
[-] LMDSysWallpaperObject: Vista Control Panel\Desktop\Pattern issue fixed

Release 9.04 (22-Jan-2009)

[+] TLMDCaptionPanel: ThemeMode, ThemeGlobalMode properties added, themed drawing added.
[+] Added 2 new controls: TLMDWSwitch and TLMDDBWSwitch which handle focus and space-checking behaviour
[-] LMDThemedCombobox: black background issue for dropdown list of TLMDComboBox fixed
[-] LMDThemes: added assigning renderer by default for ttmNative in RegisterThemeRenderer
[+] LMDPNGImageList support added for LMDMMButton
[-] LMD*Hint fixes (double text in d2009, incorrect hint text update in LMDCustomHint.SetupRightCaption) - fixed, LMDHint minor demo update
[+] Unicode hint added for LMDButton
[*] LMDThemes: theme renderer registering mechanism changed
[-] LMDStreamUtils: stWriteString, stReadString fixed for D2009
[-] LMDCustomContainer: TLMDStringLlist reload failed if Description is not empty - fixed
[-] LMDCustomGroupBox: minor theme related fix
[-] LMDCustomMemo: GetLineParas fixed
[-] LMDSpinButton: theme related fix (bitmap cache cleaning on theme change)
[-] BTS#679 issue fixed (LMDCustomMaskEdit: An EConvertError exception thrown if a negative integer enetered into a mask edit control with MaskType=meInteger)
[-] LMDPageControl: docking added
[-] BTS #678 issue fixed (TLMDCheckGroup OnMouse* events did not fire)
[+] Unicode hint support added for LMDBaseControl descendants

LMD Packs
LMD TextPack
[-] LMDText: Missing properties published in LMDTextShapeHint
LMD SysPack
[+] LMDSysNetworkObject unit, TLMDTCPIP: Added CSIPAddress, CSIPSubnetMask, CSDefaultGateWay properties, containing comma separated values of all items
LMD ThemesPack
[+] New themes renderer added (TLMDSimpleGradientThemeRenderer), implementing Office2003-like themes; demo for new renderer added

Release 9.03 (09-Dec-2008)

[-] LMD*Hint: AV when using HTML hints with ElPack controls fixed
[+] LMD*Hint: Unicode characters support added
[-] LMDFileSaveDialog, LMDFileOpenDialog: BTS #672 fixed (LMDFileSaveDialog.FileTypeIndex did not change)
[-] LMDCustomMaskEdit: AsFloat returned truncated value while allowing to enter more digits than allowed by Decimals property for MaskType = meFloat - fixed
[+] LMDProcs: LMDIsHTMLText helper function added;
[+] LMDCalendarEdit: ForceTodayAsDefault property added

LMD RichPack (5.02)
[-] LMDRichScrollBox, LMDRichLabel: BTS #676 fixed (TLMDRichScrollBox did not expose OnResize event)
LMD ShellPack (5.02)
[+] LMDShList, LMDShTree: ifndef LMDDISABLE_OLEINIT added in initialization/finalization sections

Release 9.02 (17-Nov-2008)

[+] LMDMaskEdit: ProcessBlankChar property introduced
[+] LMDCaptionPanelGroup: AutoExpand property added; when set to true, it causes corresponfing events (OnExpanding, OnExpanded etc.) to be triggered if changing orientation makes impossible to keep panel collapsed
[-] LMDCaptionPanelGroup: BTS #649 - collapse/expand when changing orientation fixed
[-] LMDXML: Fixed many issues related with UTF8 reading and writing
[-] LMDCalendar: BTS#654 fixed (DFM could not be read and written if SpecialDates were not empty)
[-] LMDCustomExtCombo, LMDCalculator: theme change (for ttmNative) fixed
[+] LMDCustomMemo: IgnoreLastEmptyLine compatibility property added
[-] LMDPngImage: Png library updated to the latest free version of PngComponents - 1.564
[-] LMDThemesEngine: BTS#650 issue fixed (empty captions in buttons after changing theme)
[-] LMDThemeEngine: Themed rendering for .net fixed
[-] LMDStrings: LMDAnsiEncode64/LMDAnsiDecode64 was broken (see BTS#648) - fixed

LMD BarPack (3.01)
[-] LMDExplorerBar: LinkedControl visibility issue fixed
LMD RichPack (5.01)
[-] LMDRTFHyperText, LMDRTFRichEdit: modified at click issue fixed, GetLinkParams issue fixed
LMD ShellPack (5.01)
[+] LMDShList: selection by first character on key press added
[-] LMDShellPack: Fixed Vista and D2009 related bugs ("?" instead of chars)
[-] LMDShList: BTS #637 bug fixed (#1 wrong selection after sorting, #2 vanishing header captions)

Release 9.01 (17-Oct-2008)

[-] Sizing for the case when icon or close button are shown fixed;
[-] Gradient fixed;
[-] HTML rendering over gradient background fixed.
[-] CustomDateTimeFormat was ignored when UseCustomDateTime = true for ClockMode in [cmStopwatch, cmCountdown] - fixed.
[-] Exact font sizing in pixels (was implemented earlier in older ElPack html render) was broken - fixed.

Release 9.0 (19-Sep-2008)

Initial Release.