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This documents contains history logs for LMD ElPack 7.0 releases.
First official release: 23-September-2008

[+] Feature added
[*] Feature changed
[-] Bug fixed

History Logs

Release 7.08 (16-Jun-2009)

[-] ELCaption: BTS#662 fixed for WinXP
[+] ElBtnEdit: Added PngGlyph support to ElButtonEdit
[+] ElHTMLLabel, ElTree, ElXTree: TLMDHTMLImageNeededEvent support added
[-] ElTreeMemoEdit: Invalid typecaset fixed (elpack newgroup message "Bug" from Sanyin 14.05.2009)
[-] ElListBox: extra empty line bug fixed
[-] ElSBHook: restored conditional bHookImpExp
[-] ElListBox: PixelsPerInch fix
[-] TElPageControl.ChangeScale changed for ParentFont = false
[-] ElXHeader: AV Fix
[-] ElXTree: AV, VerticalLinesLong for Hidden item fix
[-] ElHTMLLbl: html text in disabled status now looks faded (rep. by Bernhard Geyer in elpack newsgroup from 11/03/2009).
[-] Bug in the ElPgCtrl unit (TElPageControl.PMRefreshActivePage) (BTS #711)
[-] Some bugs in ElXTree (BTS #644)
[-] Wrong Displaying of Images in HTML (ElPack6/7) was fixed (rep. by Bernhard Geyer in elpack newsgroup from 08/06/2009)
[-] Support of PNG for TElButtonEdit (rep. by Bernhard Geyer in elpack newsgroup from 14/06/2009)
[+] Enhanced TElToolBar.ShowMoreMenu-Behaviour (rep. by Bernhard Geyer in elpack newsgroup from 29/05/2009)
[-] TElMRUSection.Assign doesn't work. Fixed (BTS #655)

Release 7.07 (22-Apr-2009)

[+] Delphi 6 and C++Builder 6 support
[-] ElAdvPanel: minimized state issue fixed
[-] ElEdits: text rendering in Vista fixed
[-] ElPgCtl: TElPageControl/TElTabSheet Font.Color fixed for enabled themes
[-] ElMenus: Disabled item look fixed in Windows Vista when themes are off
[-] ElXTree: Ownerless tree instance AV issue fixed
[-] ElToolBar: Incorrect disabled image list assignment fixed

Release 7.06 (31-Mar-2009)

[-] Delphi.Net support removed
[-] LMDCmps.inc: LMDDISABLE_OLEINIT conditional made undefined by default; remark fixed.

ElFormPersist: [*] ElAdvPanel: TCustomElAdvancedPanel.AdjustButtonSize made virtual (user request in newsgroup 20 Mar 2009)
[-] Issue reported by user on 24 Mar 2009 (Problem with TElFormPersist and Delphi 2009/ElPack 7 fixed
[-] Text property of ElEdit control was not added to list in StoredProps editor in D2009 - fixed

[-] Some unicode related issues fixed (the last symbol truncated; junk symbols when storing/retrieving multiline text prop values)
[-] BTS #690 related issue (Path property could not be set in OnBeforeLoad event if Path is empty) fixed

ElTree, ElXTree:
[-] Drawing text with Korean font Gulim fixed
[-] ElTreeL: AV fix if FShowHeader and FHeader.Sections[FMainTreeCol].AutoSize then (ShowHeader = True)
[-] ElXTree: fixed deselecting problem with drag&Drop and multiselect
[-] ElXTree: Multiselect AV fix
[-] ElPageControl: TabEnabled = false visual fix

[-] SetFocus/Caret fix
[-] now set modified correctly after pasting/cut text
[-] ElComboBox rendering restored for ThemeMode = ttmNone
[-] ElBtnEdit: FALtButton fixed

[+] Added property CalendarLiveClock
[-] Removed the fillchar() calls (When set to LongDate there is no Month shown. When set to ShortDate, you get an extra / instead of the Month)
[-] When select a new date using the popup calendar, the 'time' part is reset to the current time-of-day

[+] Dimension check added in TLMDButtonGlyph.DrawButtonGlyph (ElPack)
[-] Fix for wrong Size-Calculation in TElToolButton when using PNGGlyph

[+] ElBtnEdit: ButtonPngGlyph and AltButtonPngGlyph added
[+] ElMenuBar: MDI support for TElMenuBar added
[+] TElDBComboBox(style=csdropdownlist) update the dataset immediately when the user selects a different item in the drop-down list
[-] ElSBHook: "Application hang" issue (elpack newsgroup report 17 Mar 2009) fixed
[-] BTS #700 (CalcDlgButton Shortcut of TElCurrencyEdit) issue fixed
[-] ElTrackBar: delay between fired onchange event was changed from SPI_GETKEYBOARDSPEED to SPI_GETKEYBOARDDELAY
[-] ElHTMLLabel: Visible property worked incorrectly - fixed
[-] BTS #692 issue fixed (MemoryLeak in ElPageControl)
[-] BTS #687 issue (TelCalendarForm error) fixed
[-] Loading TElButtonEdit.AltGlyph from Stream did not work (ElPack6/7)

Release 7.05 (12-Feb-2009)

[-] TElFloatSpinEdit: exception on typing decimal separator fixed
[-] TElCheckGroup: CheckItem render fix for themed mode
[-] TElTrackBar: Corrupted hint issue fixed
[-] TElDateTimePicker: drawing when ThemeMode = ttmNone fixed
[-] TElCalendar: selection of empty date was possible - fixed
[-] ElCombos: background drawing for RightAlignedView = true fixed
[-] ElTree: Displaying item after changing IsHTML and Multiline fixed
[-] ElInputDialog (the ElInputDialog displays the text just a bit too far to the left, thus cutting off a bit of the first character) fixed
[-] TElXTree.OnChanging by MouseDown ignored the AllowChanges parameter - fixed

Release 7.04 (22-Jan-2009)

[-] ElFormDisplay: OnChanging was not triggered if new form is nil - fixed.
[-] ElBtnEdit: RightAlignedView for ALTButton fixed
[+] TElComboBox. Placing drop down differently (RightAlignView - Drop down button position)
[-] ElCurrEdit: property "NegativeValueTextColor" doesn't seem to have any effect when Themes is On - fixed
[-] TElShellTree: filtering by extension. If extensions of registered file types are hidden, files are not displaying in TElShellTree - fixed
[-] ElPopupMenu appeared mainly as black in Vista in Classic mode - fixed
[-] ElXTree: Showing the regular Delphi hint if it's defined for an item fixed
[-] ElXTree: Wrong sections order after moving one section - fixed
[-] The SelectNextPage function of a TElPageControl called OnChange twice - fixed
[-] ElTrackbar fired more than once - fixed
[-] ElXTree. Wrong checkbox click if RightAligned = true
[-] ElMenus: Drawing for RightToLeft fixed
[-] ElMenus: Fixed issue with canceling popup menu under Vista
[+] ElMenus: Added TElPopupMenu.EndMenu method to cancel programmatically

Release 7.03 (09-Dec-2008)

[-] ElHTMLHint displayed extra unicode characters - fixed
[+] ElSpinEdit: New events OnCheckRangeError: TLMDCheckIntRangeEvent, OnCheckRangeError: TLMDCheckFloatRangeEvent
[+] ElExplorerBarGroup: OnCheckBoxClick event added. TNotifyEvent - fired when user clicks CheckBox.
[+] ElComboBox: OnBeforeSelectValue event added. Raised before Drop down list CloseUp.
[+] ElComboBox: OnCanSelect event added
[-] Fixed BTS #675 (TElComboBox did not not raise OnKeyDown)
[-] Fixed BTS #664 (minor ElXTree optimization)
[-] Fixed BTS #671 (TElComboBox - incorrect dropdown list height)
[-] Fixed BTS #660 (Incorect row heights)
[-] Fixed BTS #656 (TElTreeItem::Assign dont set scrollbar right)
[-] Fixed BTS #655 (TElMRUSection.Assign did not work)
[-] Fixed BTS #652 (Spin buttons vanish in ElTreeInplaceSpinEdit)
[-] ElListBox: Insert & Add methods fixed for D2009
[-] ElMainMenu. Fixed: Render main menu when themes disabled
[-] ElPromptDialog. Fixed: Access violation in design mode - "Test Dialog..." the float in menu.
[-] ElShellTree. Fixed: show FileSystem and FileFilters flags
[-] ElTrackBar. Fixed: Using MouseWheel with TElTrackBar doesn't limit values to Min and Max.
[-] ElTree/ElHeader Fixed: Moves a col left outside of the StringGrid-Control to left the Col is moved to the first position
[-] ElTreeInplaceButtonEdit, Fixed: missing published Font-Property

Release 7.02 (17-Nov-2008)

[+] TElMenuItem - Added OnSubMenuPopup event
[+] TElAdvancedPanel. Added OnCheckBoxClick: TNotifyEvent; event event that's fired when user clicks CheckBox, in other case OnClick will fire.
[+] TElHTMLLabel. Added property ShowAccelChar
[+] TElEdit and ancestors (TElComboBox). Correctly drawing under Windows Vista
[*] ElCalendar and ElDTPick changes: string to LMDString conversion
[*] Fixed a lot of small issues for Vista rendering
[-] TEl(X)Tree. Inplace editors rendering fixed
[-] TElHeader. If you move a column right outside of the StringGrid-Control, it isn't moved to the first position
[-] TElListBox - Fixed incorrect adding of items in CRS2009
[-] TElListBox - FStates changed to array of Byte instead of PChar in win32 to simplify code and to fix AV when CheckAll is called (CRS2009)
[-] TElDragDrop - TOleDragObject.GetFileList doesn't work properly in D2009
[-] TElTree - Fixed incorrect Item height calculation
[-] TElEdit - Fixed bug related to incorrect CueBanner text drawing under Vista
[-] TElPanel - Transparency issues for ElAdvPanel on ElPanel, both transparent, placed on backgrounded form - fixed

Release 7.01 (17-Oct-2008)

[+] TElToolBar: MoreMenuDrawStyle: TDrawStyle property added to define the style of MoreMenu.
[+] TElToolBar: MoreMenu collects menu items from ToolButton in case it has an assigned PullDownMenu.
[-] TElXTree: check distance between mouse positions before hint show to avoid trace.
[-] Fixes for better Delphi/C++ Builder 2009 compatibility
[-] LMDHTMLUnit: Exact font sizing in pixels (was implemented earlier in older ElPack html render) was broken - fixed.

Release 7.0 (19-Sep-2008)

Initial Release.