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This documents contains history logs for all LMD 2022 products.
First official release: 15-Feb-2022

LMD-Tools section includes standalone packs as follows: LMD BarPack, LMD ChartPack, LMD DialogPack, LMD DockingPack, LMD FxPack, LMD GridPack, LMD InspectorPack, LMD RichPack, LMD SearchPack, LMD ShellPack, LMD SysPack, LMD StoragePack, LMD ThemePack and LMD WebPack.
LMD IDE-Tools section lists changes in LMD IDE-Tools Integration package, LMD DesignPack, LMD ScriptPack and LMD SyntaxEdit. Besides that since 2021 release all NG packs are included in the LMD VCL line.
Read here summary of all changes in LMD VCL 2022.

[+] Feature added
[*] Feature changed
[-] Bug fixed

Release 2022.5 (07-September-2022)


[*] Packages for RAD Studio 11 Alexandria were compiled and tested against the latest 11.2 update

LMD Tools

[+] Windows Server 2022 detection.
[*] TLMDCheckListDlg: Up to 64 items support by changing Value and DefaultValue property types to Int64.
[*] TLMDWindowProc: Finalization workaround for Halt before Application.Run case.
[-] TLMDListBoxExt: Scrolling related fixes.

LMD ElPack

[-] TElXTree: Virtual mode cell checkboxes click fix.

Release 2022.4 (20-July-2022)

LMD Tools

[*] TLMDTaskDialog: redeclaring the TLMDTaskDlgIcon type and changing icon kind names: tdiWarning -> diWarning, tdiQuestion -> diQuestion, etc. to prevent conflicts with standard TTaskDialogIcon type.

LMD RichPack

[-] Removing std Windows _FILETIME, _LARGE_INTEGER AND _ULARGE_INTEGER declarations to prevent conflicts in C++.

LMD Docking

[-] DockPanel.Release bug fix.


[-] Fixes related to latest IDEs (D10.4 and D11) VCL Styles changes.

NG DialogPack

[+] Disabling dialog emulation mode at design-time for new IDEs.

LMD ElPack

[*] TElXTreeItem.Tag type has been changed to NativeInt.

Release 2022.3 (23-May-2022)

LMD Tools

[+] TLMDCalculator: New BtnWidth and BtnHeight properties.
[+] TLMDCalculatorComboBox: Adjusting drop-down calculator font sizes to fit the combo box font sze.
[-] TLMDButton: design-time styling bug fix.
[-] TLMDButton: virtual image list issue woraround.
[-] TLMDHeaderListComboBox - Header sections font size bug fix.


[*] IDE-Tools: Moving service provider DCR files away from the run-time package unit.

LMD DialogPack

[-] TJSEditDialog: New etMaskEdit edit type. NewEditProperties.Mask property.
[-] TJSDialog: Performance optimization for long text messages (TJSCaption.PaintCaption, LTextHeight, SplitForWrapping).
[-] LMD-Dialog: Fixing some layouting issues in case big fonts are used in for password dialogs (password, confirm password, change passwrod).

LMD ShellPack

[-] ShellPack: Empty caption in shell actions bug fix.

Release 2022.2 (19-Apr-2022)


[+] All installers were updated and fixed a problem which required system restart even for first time installation.

LMD Tools

[+] TLMDHint: New CancelHint method. VCL Styles related fixes.

Release 2022.1 (04-Apr-2022)


[+] New component icons for DockPack, GridPack, ScriptPack and TLMDServiceProvider components.

LMD Tools

[-] TLMDStatusBar design-time but fix.
[-] LMDMessageBoxDlg.ShowMessage dialog height bug fix.
[-] Window hooks access violation bug fix.

LMD RichPack

[-] RichPack: C++ headers bug fix.
[-] TLMDRichSyntaxEdit: WordWrap default value bug fix.

LMD SyntaxEdit

[-] CSS scheme modification (@media support).


Release 2022.0 (15-Feb-2022)

First official release.