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This documents contains history logs for all NG controls 2018 packages.
First official release: 05-Mar-2018

NG Controls 2018 includes NG ConnectionPack, DialogPack, Drag&DropPack, HTMLPack, SerializationPack and ValidatorPack.

[+] Feature added
[*] Feature changed
[-] Bug fixed

Release 2018.3 (24-Jul-2018)

[-] Drag&DropPack: Outlook messages dropping (IStorage) bug fix.
[-] SerializationPack: Dynamic array de-serialization bug fix.

Release 2018.2 (03-May-2018)

[+] New wrapper components: old NG Connection Pack components, like storage services, has been re-implemented as wrappers around new NG Connection components. Wrapper components have "Wrapper" name suffix, like TNGGDriveWrapper, and reside on distinct component palette page. Wrappers can be used in C++ Builder. However, some linking problems can araise; be sure to exclude NG Connection Pack related packages from dynamic linked packages in C++ Builder project options.
[-] Main components of new NG Connection Pack no longer support C++ Builder, because the code use new Delphi language features, which are not compatible (or bugfully implemented) with C++ Builder.
[-] NGTaskDialog verification checked state bug fix.

Release 2018.1 (29-Mar-2018)

[-] C++ Builder related fixes.
[*] NG.Connection.Data.pas unit has been renamed to NG.Connection.DataTypes.pas for C++ Builder compatibility.

Release 2018.0 (05-Mar-2018)

Initial release.

Release 2018 Beta 1 (1-Jan-2018)

Beta Release for registered customers (including the new cloud controls / redesigned ConnectionPack).