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This documents contains history logs for all NG controls 2015 packages.
First official release: 02-Oct-2015

NG Controls 2016 includes NG ConnectionPack, DialogPack, Drag&DropPack, HTMLPack, SerializationPack and ValidatorPack.

[+] Feature added
[*] Feature changed
[-] Bug fixed

Release 2016.4 (22-Sep-2016)

All packages

[+] Installer support for LMD 2017 licenses.
[-] Common HTML engine improvements

NG DialogPack

[-] Designe-time editor bug fix and improvements.

Release 2016.3 (20-Jun-2016)

NG ConnectionPack

[-] Uploading files bug has been fixed.
[-] Small bug with mime-type in GoogleDrive has been fixed.

Release 2016.2 (20-Apr-2016)

[+] Delphi/C++Builder 10.1 Berlin support.

Release 2016.1 (30-Sep-2015)

Besides several minor bugfixes the NG DevUtil was changed: After installation only the NG Complete workspace is available now (several user were irritated and tried to compile both default workspaces after installation).
If you registered only a single package, modify the NG Complete workspace or create a new one (templates exist in the Templates tab).

Release 2016.0 (01-Sep-2015)

Initial release of new DevUtil and VCL Styles enhancements for NG DialogPack and HTMLPack. Includes new NG Drag&DropPack package.