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This documents contains history logs for all NG controls 2015 packages.
First official release: 16-Sep-2014

NG Controls 2015 includes NG ConnectionPack, DialogPack HTMLPack, SerializationPack and ValidatorPack.

[+] Feature added
[*] Feature changed
[-] Bug fixed

Release 2015.5 (08-July-2015)

NG ConnectionPack

[-] Problem with large file sizes was fixed (type of TNGCloudFile.Size was changed to Int64).

Release 2015.4 (07-Apr-2015)

All packages

[+] Delphi/C++ XE8 compatibility including new installers!

NG DialogPack

[-] Bug with wrong command link height calculation has been fixed.

Release 2015.3 (19-Feb-2015)

NG SerializerPack

[+] FMX support has been added. Currently works only on Windows platforms (x32 and x64).
[+] FMX demo has been added.

NG ConnectionPack

[+] FMX support has been added. Currently works only on Windows platforms (x32 and x64) starting from XE5.
[+] FMX demo has been added.
[*] Because of FMX support, authentication GUI units now should be included manually in user's projects (NG.Connection.VclAuth.pas for VCL applications and NG.Connection.FmxAuth.pas for FMX applications).

Release 2015.2 (13-Nov-2014)

NG ConnectionPack

[+] C++Builder demos (Storage / Calendar) added

NG SerializerPack

[+] Special processing for type Boolean has been added to text based serialization formats; in JSON native false/true syntax has been used; in XML - "true" and "false" literals, as described in XML Schema standard. Text based de-serializers also allows "0" and "1" as Boolean values while reading, for compatibility.
[+] Special processing for TDateTime and TDate types has been added to text based serialization formats; In both JSON and XML dates are serialized in ISO-8601 format, which is used by most HTTP based REST services. Time zones are also supported.
[+] IgnoreTimeZone properties has been added to serializer and de-serializer classes to allow to suppress time zone information while writing date-time values, and to ignore time zone information while reading date-time values.
[+] IgnoreTimeZone global variable has beend added, and its value is used as a default value for IgnoreTimeZone properties, described above, while constructing serializer and de-serializer objects.

Release 2015.1 (29-Oct-2014)

Final ConnectionPack package including documentation and demo-files included. [Top]

Release 2015.0 (16-Sep-2014)

Initial release with XE7 support/new DevUtil and beta release of new ConnectionPack package. [Top]