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This documents contains history logs for all NG controls 2013 packages.
First official release: 26-Dec-2012

NG Controls 2013 includes NG SerializationPack, HTMLPack, DialogPack and ValidatorPack.

[+] Feature added
[*] Feature changed
[-] Bug fixed

Release 2013.4 (23-Apr-2013)

All Packages
Delphi/C++Builder XE4 support added (compilation via NGUtil).

Release 2013.3 (11-Apr-2013)

NG ValidatorPack
Final version now included.

Release 2013.2 (20-Mar-2013)

NG DialogPack
Final version now included.
Final release of ValidatorPack follows in Release 2013.3.

[-] TNGHTMLPanel major fixes: Autosize, ParentBackground issues
[-] Link over/click when padding or bevel/border has non zero size (when autosize = true)
[-] fix for incorrect text position when embedded controls are used
[-] memory leaks fixed

Release 2013.1 (30-Jan-2013)

[+] Imagelist support added to almost all controls (simply use e.g. <img src="index:0">) to insert image with index 0 from connected imagelist.
[+] String storage support for TNGHTMLPanel
[*] Demo updated
[-] Label with embedded controls autosize issue fixed

Release 2013.0 (26-Dec-2012)

First public release. SerializerPack and HTMLPack as final release. Dialog-/ValidatorPack as beta.