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Runtime Packages

LMD Runtime (lmdrtl[..])

Contains all runtime classes, declarations, methods and basic types which are used by most LMD-Tools/ElPack packages

LMD Runtime Extended (lmdrtlx[..])

Common extended runtime services used by some LMD-Tools/ElPack packages.

  • Base visual controls like Container classes, Labels, Panels, common base classes etc.
  • Shared Designtime support
  • Shared ImageList support
  • Updated support for shared visual look&feel of ALL LMD Controls
  • Cab files support (including VCL.NET)
  • PNG support (Win32 only)
  • Windows Vista Support
  • Validator Controls for data input / edit controls.
  • Shared HTML support ("MiniHTML-Engine").


Description of shared features in LMD 2007 Packages