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LMD DesignPack


How to programmatically close the LMD collection editor (e.g. when saving the contents of a design page).

This should be done using EditorWindows property. This property is available in property inspector and designer components. Which property to use depends on your application configuration: By default all non-modal editor windows are associated with property inspector's EditorWindows. But, it is possible to redirect all windows to designer's EditorWindows. If you use designer manager component this will be done automatically, otherwise you can implement ILMDEditorWndsProviderService service yourself to redirect non-modal editor windows to some editor-window-manager.

The idea of redirecting editor windows to designer's manager is to be able to hide/show all designer's windows, for example, when current designer changes (in case more then one designer is active at the same time).

LMD ScriptPack

How to use Scripting with my own Delphi Classes instead of the Built In Delphi objects ?

You should "import" the unit with your class declarations to the Script Pack. This can be done using Script Pack Importer, that is available in Delphi "Tools" main menu (when Script Pack is installed). See also LMD ScriptPack Tutorial.

Which Script Languages are supported by LMD ScriptPack?

By default the MS Windows Active Scripting Architecture supports two scripting engines (VBScript and JScript). No additional files are required here. Any number of additional script engines can be added to the architecture, which must separately installed. A small overview can be found here (text is german). Additional engines can be found on the net.

When putting TLMDScriptDebugger on a form, an exception like "Class not registered" is thrown

This exception appears when MS ScriptDebugger is not installed. Get it from Microsoft WebSite.

How to use Tcl and TLMDScriptControl?

At first you need to install an ActiveScripting compatible engine (for example from ActiveState). In case of ActiveState engine, Tcl must be registered manually via


TLMDScriptControl uses "TclScript" as ProgID for Tcl scripts, hence after that no further preparations are required.

LMD SyntaxEdit