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The LMD VCL Platform releases continue the modularization and integration of the three main LMD VCL products:
LMD-Tools, LMD ElPack and LMD IDE-Tools. They are based on the same shared modules/packages.

Most common features like unicode, printing support, logging tools, theme services or regular expression support are shared equally, thus development of these features can be optimized and redundant code avoided. Besides that all main packages or sub packages can (and even should!) be installed into the same installation folder on your system.
The following images describes all available packages and their relationships:


  • LMD-Tools is equivalent to the former LMD-Tools CE release, except that no longer DesignPack and ScriptPack are included (which are now included in LMD IDE-Tools). For more information about included controls and packages check out the LMD-Tools product page.
  • Against previous releases there are no longer different editions of LMD ElPack. The one and only edition which can be purchased now is equivalent to the former ElPack Professional release.
  • The LMD IDE-Tools product comprises the already available DesignPack and ScriptPack packages and adds a fully unicode enabled SyntaxEdit control along with powerful IDE integration features.
  • All packages together can be purchased in LMD VCL Complete Pack with GIT access (access to the most current development trunk with any GIT client + usage of DevUtil to generate any possible combination of LMD packages in a simple and fast manner).