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The new Next Generation (NG) Control Suite supplements the LMD line of products for Embarcadero Delphi/C++Builder. While LMD VCL products still (now and in the future) support legacy IDEs (Delphi/C++Builder 6 and higher), NG components make use of new IDE and language features of most recent IDE releases (Delphi/C++Builder 2009 and above). This approach allows us to neglect compatibility issues (e.g. Unicode and Generics support) and to use ideas which are not possible with older IDEs.
Besides that NG Controls are designed to be lightweight and task-focused. They do not represent a complete framework like the LMD VCL platform and can be used at the same time with LMD VCL controls, the VCL (and later FMX) or any other 3rd Party toolbox. [Top]

Support for IDEs and operating systems

  • Compatible with Delphi and C++ Builder XE2 and better (including new Delphi/C++Builder 10.2 Tokyo and its updates).
  • Including 64bit support for XE2 and higher!
  • Any new Delphi/C++Builder release will be supported almost immediately after public availability!
  • Supported IDEs
    • Delphi 2009 and all newer releases (depending on package)
    • C++ Builder 2009 and all newer releases (depending on package)
    • All corresponding Studio Products (CRS 2009, RAD Studio 2010 and all newer releases)
  • Supported operating systems
    • Win 2000 or better (including Windows 7/8/10 or Windows Server 2016 etc.).

64bit support (Delphi XE2 and higher)

All packages are available in 64bit versions.

Reg Utility

Since 2016 release NG Controls uses same license scheme like LMD VCL product line. Thus you can review on your machine available licenses for both LMD VCL and NG products via the RegUtility.
Since version 2013 RegUtility installer copies all files to the %APPDATA%\LMD Innovative folder (instead of system folder in previous releases). As known from previous releases the new reg utilities recognize earlier license files (regardless whether they are stored in system or appdata folder), so that only one reg utility is required for current and previous licenses.

NG 2018 DevUtil

The NG 2018 DevUtil tool (available for all registered user) was updated (XE6 - Delphi 10.2 support) and improved. It is now easier than ever to switch between different workspaces (sets of component packages), even leaving the current IDE is no longer required! Also this year a new toolbar design was introduced.

SVN repositories replaced by Git repositories

We moved our source repositories to Git (using GitLab). This changes refers also to repositories which are available for customers. Use your known tools to access our Git repositories.

Free access to Git repositories for LMD VCL Complete / NG Complete 2018 customers!

We moved our sources to new git-based project structure. All VCL/NG Complete 2018 customers receive free access to the Git repositories (based on GitLab). Visit your customer area and use the displayed link in your 2018 license to connect to GitLab. SSO with credentials for customer area is supported). This new feature replaces the old SVN access option, which was a paid add-on. Check also Quick overview for more info. [Top]

New subscription model and new customer area

We received some criticism for our old update policy (especially observing the very fast Embarcadero release cycle and our yearly updates).
Old update policy included free minor updates with same major version number - until next major release was available. We offered only for VCL Complete packages subscription models.
Following changes was introduced with 2016 licenses:

  • Each full- or update purchase includes now a one year subscription (free-of-charge)

This one-year subscription refers to major version updates. If a new major version is released within subscription period, you'll receive automatically new version free of charge.

  • Minor updates with same major version number are handled like before:

These updates are always free of charge for all major (products LMD-Tools, ElPack, IDE-Tools, etc.) and standalone packs. These updates are placed in our protected download areas and can be downloaded free of charge - anytime (using your registration utility).

  • What happens when subscription expires?

Subscription period refers only to the right receiving free major version updates.
If your subscription expires, your licenses behaves like before (free minor updates until next major release, perpetual use of the current license).
To reflect new changes we introduced a new customer area, where customers can review and check license status (and even download licenses files) at one single place. [Top]

NG ConnectionPack

  • Package has been fully redesigned. More formal way of implementing REST services has been implemented.
  • New advanced API Explorer tool was addded, which can be used inside Delphi IDE at designtime, and allows to test and learn REST services quickly and intuitively, without writing any code.
  • Supported service list has been changed. Please check NG ConnectionPack product pages to learn about supported services (which will grow fast)
  • Package now tries to provide most complete REST service wrappers. REST services are implemented “as is”, much closer to original services structure. Service operation list, requests parameter list, resulting data format - all are quite similar to the original services structure, provided by respective vendors.
  • New formal type system for data types and requests parameters: supports primitive, list, map and objects types. As well, special types for uploading and downloading stream data is provided.
  • All types are nullable, which allows to support dynamic nature of the corresponding REST services. Developer can always specify only required request parameters, and as well, can detect, which data properties has been really returned from the server.
  • New EHttpError exception class is used to report HTTP exceptions, which provides access to StatusCode, StatusText and extended ErrorInfo text, returned as a HTTP body.

NG ConnectionPack provides visual tool, called API Explorer, which allows to test all supported services, by executing corresponding REST operations.
API Explorer can be used directly inside Delphi IDE.
API Explorer window can be shown by clicking on the corresponding menu item in Tools main Delphi menu:
VCL Styles in LMD NGHtml

The main page of API explorer window shows supported services list:
VCL Styles in LMD NGHtml

Double clicking on the service item will navigate to Service's page, where its operation list is shows:
VCL Styles in LMD NGHtml

Double clicking on operation item will navigate to operation execution page:
VCL Styles in LMD NGHtml