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This documents contains history logs for all LMD 2024 products.
First official release: 08-Nov-2024

LMD-Tools section includes standalone packs as follows: LMD BarPack, LMD ChartPack, LMD DialogPack, LMD DockingPack, LMD FxPack, LMD GridPack, LMD InspectorPack, LMD RichPack, LMD SearchPack, LMD ShellPack, LMD SysPack, LMD StoragePack, LMD ThemePack and LMD WebPack.
LMD IDE-Tools section lists changes in LMD IDE-Tools Integration package, LMD DesignPack, LMD ScriptPack and LMD SyntaxEdit. Besides that since 2021 release all NG packs are included in the LMD VCL line.
Read here summary of all changes in LMD VCL 2024.

[+] Feature added
[*] Feature changed
[-] Bug fixed

Release 2024.4 (05-July-2024)

LMD Tools

[+] TLMDPanelShape: Anchors property has been published.
[-] TLMDPanelShape: ParentBackground property has been published with False default value, like in TLMDPanelFill. Color property now has effect.
[-] TLMDStyleManager: Font.Name property is no longer excluded.
[-] TLMDFontComboBox: Example hint font bug fix.
[-] TLMDFormPersistence: IniLink property bug fix (IniCtrl from data module).

LMD ElPack

[+] New TElMenuBar.InMenu property.
[+] ElSideBar: HighDPI support.
[-] TElPageControl: TLMDStyleManager compatibility fix.

LMD RichPack

[-] TLMDRichSyntaxEdit: Syntax scheme loading bug fix.


[-] TLMDDesigner: Failed assertion on close bug fix (VCL Styles related).

Release 2024.3 (04-Apr-2024)

LMD Tools

[+] TNGInputDialog: Command links related flags has been added.
[+] TLMDCalendar: New HideInactiveEvents property.
[*] TLMDTrayIcon: More accurate Shift state in mouse events.
[-] TLMDListBox: fames and inherited forms related bug fix.
[-] LMD core dialogs High-DPI realated layout fixes.

LMD SyntaxEdit

[-] Pring page setup dialog x64 bug fix.

NG Dialogs

[+] Editing custom buttons modal result at design time.
[-] Design-time dialog layouting fix.

NG ConnectionPack

[-] Auth local HTTP server bug fix.

Release 2024.2 (11-Feb-2024)

LMD Tools

[+] LMDGlyph (button and other controls): LMDGuessGlyphNumber custom callback has been added.
[-] TLMDMemo: WantReturns bug fix.
[-] TLMDListBox: frames/form-inheritance related bug fix.
[-] TLMDButton: Drawing with VCL Styles bug fix (Canvas.Lock).

LMD ElPack

[+] TElAppBar: New SetEdgeEx method, which allows to specify monitor index.
[+] ElFloatSpinEdit: New ApplyMode property, which allows to defer typed text paring until focus exit.

Release 2024.1 (27-Dec-2023)


[*] Universal Installer: Offline installation supported by providing zip files with all possible files for a specific IDE (trial and full version)
[*] Universal Installer: Internally used DLLs are now signed to prevent false positives from AV scanners

LMD Tools

[-] TLMDSysSystemInfo: FillCPUInfo asm function bug fix for x64 platform.

LMD ElPack

[*] TElTreeView.GetVisCount2 improvement.

LMD RichPack

[-] TLMDRichEdit: PageMargins (Top, Bottom) bug fix.
[-] TLMDRichEdit: Printer selection bug fix.

LMD SyntaxEdit

[-] SyntaxEdit: reporting active schemes at the specified cursor point.


[-] HTMLEngine: Paragraph indent fix.

Release 2024.0 (08-Nov-2024)

Initial release.