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This documents contains history logs for all LMD 2012 products.
First official release: 30-November-2011

LMD-Tools section includes standalone packs as follows: LMD BarPack, LMD ChartPack, LMD DockingPack, LMD FxPack, LMD RichPack, LMD SearchPack, LMD ShellPack, LMD SysPack, LMD StoragePack, LMD ThemePack and LMD WebPack.
LMD IDE-Tools section lists changes in LMD IDE-Tools Integration package, LMD DesignPack, LMD ScriptPack and LMD SyntaxEdit.

[+] Feature added
[*] Feature changed
[-] Bug fixed

Release 2012.9 (20-Nov-2012 + 26-Nov-2012)


[-] LabeledDriveComboBox and other LabeledComboBoxes: At runtime label was positioned incorrectly
[-] FaceController designtime Editor: ListIndex out of bounds error fixed
[-] LMDHTMLUnit: OnControlCreated event fixed (was not possible to assign control's name)
[-] Fix for some obscure problems with TLMDListComboBox / ItemIndex property in C++Builder XE3 (only!)

LMD Grid Pack

[-] #859 bug fix
[-] LMDGrid: Boolean field inplace editor bug fix.
[-] Invisible db-fields bug fix


[-] ElHeader: #858 fixed (garbage in ElXTree header's hint in CBuilder)
[-] ElTree: uncklickable area issue partially fixed
[-] ElDateTimePicker ReadOnly mode issues fixed
[-] ElMenus issue for custom vcl style fixed
[-] ElPageControl activetabfont issue fixed

IDE Tools

[-] IDE-Tools: Component bar custom item caption bug fix
[-] IDE-Tools: ProjectManager's SaveAs file path bug fix
[-] LMD SyntaxEdit: The bug with creating new line by pressing Enter key has been fixed. Now selected text is deleted properly.
[-] LMD SyntaxEdit: MaxHorizScroll property has been published to workaround the horizontal scrollbar problem.

Release 2012.8 (25-Sep-2012)

Minor release, hotfixes for critical problems:


[-] LMDCustomExtCombo (and several descendants): dropdown list closed automatically when clicking on scrollbar or up/down buttons

LMD ElPack

[*] PngImage editor improved for ElPack controls: Now with dialog which allows to delete/save current images.
[*] ElClock: Timezone error message removed
[*] ElVerInfo: Setter for Language added
[-] ElComboBox and other combobox controls: AV when clicked during designtime in IDE
[-] PngObject problem fixed.

Release 2012.7 (11-Sep-2012)

All packages

[+] Delphi/C++Builder XE3 compatibility


[-] TLMDAboutDlg: Display Problems in Large Fonts mode fixed.
[-] TLMDPageControl: Paint problems in vertical tabs (for captions) in Vista+ fixed
[-] TLMDShellListColumn: Caption was not restored correctly from DFM (wrong property order)
[-] TLMDRichEdit: Under certain conditions Lines.Text returned empty string. This was fixed
[-] BTS #857: TLMDSysInfo: Processorinfo.CPUName not readable
[-] BTS #856: TLMDMessagehint works not with Style hsRect & hsRoundRect
[-] LMD-Grid: bug with sorted columns re-creation has been fixed.

LMD ElPack

[-] ElSplit: Clicking on the splitter moved it left without mouse moving - fixed
[-] ElXTreeCell: #854 (TElXTree - Change header visibility crash) - fixed
[-] ElACtrls: ElAdvanvancedCombo autocomplete issue when style = csDropDown fixed
[-] SetValue added for TLMDPNGImageProperty
[-] PNGGlyph editor was not registered for TElGraphicButton - fixed


[-] BTS #855: Compiler Hints with XE2 in LMD 2012.6
[-] BTS #853: TLMDEditView, TAB space filled with random char when compiled for 64 bit platform
[-] ScriptPack: overload methods return type bug fix.


Release 2012.6 (24-July-2012)


[*] Delphi 2009+: New property editor for PNGGlyph properties
[-] TLMDFlowPanel: Problems with cascading flow panels fixed in Delphi/C++Builder 2007 and higher
[-] Problem with TaskDialogEditor designtime editor: DefaultButton setting is now stored correctly

LMD ElPack

[*] Delphi 2009+: New property editor for PNGGlyph properties
[*] TElScrollBar. Change MinThumbSize to 15 from 4.
[-] TElXTree: If UseCustomScrollBar = false then the scroll bar doesn't extend up into the header.


[*] IDE-Tools: Component tree speedup.
[-] IDE-Tools: Project manager's node IsModified problem has been fixed.

LMD ScriptPack

[-] The bug which occured during reading IDE library paths from registry has been fixed.

Release 2012.5 (10-June-2012)


[*] DevUtil changed for subscription user. Configuration data is stored now in *.cfg files (which are in XML format against Ini-Format of previous versions). You need to rebuild your personal workspaces.
[-] Some project groups were missing in LMD 2012.4 Source Installers. This has been fixed.


[-] TLMDTaskDialog. Fixed icons incorrect drawing under Windows Vista+
[+] LMDEditAutoComplete: IsExact property added, OnSelectevent added

LMD RichPack

[+] LMDRTFHyperText: MarkAllLink received aProtectLinks param
[+] LMDRTFRichEdit: ProtectLinks property added

LMD ElPack

[*] TElXTree. Added AJustInsert parameter to SetItemsByString method
[-] TElXTree. Fixed some compilation issues
[-] TElPageControl. Fixes to avoid "no Parent-Window" exception
[-] TElXTree. Fixes to avoid "no Parent-Window" exception


[-] SyntaxEdit: HTML scheme bug fix.
[-] DesignPack: Painting bug in the design panel and IDE-Tools editors view control.
[-] ScriptPack: TDateTime wrapper has been corrected. Now, conversion to Variant will result in varDate Variant value.

Release 2012.4 (08-May-2012)

LMD Tools

[-] LMDGraphUtils: white corners issue in TLMDFill fixed
[-] LMDCustomListComboBox: workaround for remaining scrollbar after dropdown list is closed when custom style is active (XE2)
[-] LMDShDragDrop: Wrong file count when drag-drop from TLMDShellList - fixed
[+] LMDUnicodeStrings: Delimiter, StrictDelimiter, DelimitedText props added in TLMDWideStringList for Delphi versions less than 2009
[-] LMDSearchFileGrep: issues #841, #842 fixed [-] LMDGetOSVersionInfoEx problems fixed on recent compiler versions (XE2 etc.)
[-] TLMDTaskDialog: Fixed incorrect icon loading for non native dialog

LMD ElPack

[-] ElDragDrop: WideFileList property fixed for Delphi 2009+
[+] ElXTree: new method SetItemsByString added
[*] TElFileNameEdit: Unicode support added for compilers before Delphi 2009
[*] TElFolderNameEdit: Unicode support added for compilers before Delphi 2009
[-] ElAdvPanel: setting focus for control that cannot be focused - fixed
[-] ElCombos: issue #836 fixed
[-] TElVersionInfo problems fixed.
[-] Fixed TElInspectorDataSource. Fixed exception when user try to can editor for multiline field
[-] Fixed TElInspectorDataSource. Fixed hierarchical items display
[-] ElXTree: issue #840 fixed
[*] ElXTree: bug in TElXTree.InsertItemFromString fixed


[-] IDE-Tools: bug with removing focus while closing opened document has been fixed.

Release 2012.3 (05-Apr-2012)

LMD Tools

[+] LMDDBExtSpinEdit: UseDBDecimals property added (default = true)
[+] LMDHTMLLabel: OnAdjustControlPosition and OnControlCreated events added
[+] LMDHTMLUnit: OnControlCreated event added
[+] LMDPageControl: IndexOfTabByCaption and IndexOfTabByName methods added
[-] LMDButtonBar XE issue workaround added
[-] LMDCustomNImage: AV when printing form with TLMDNImage fixed
[-] LMDCurrencySettings, LMDCustomExtSpinEdit: fixes in handling minus-less negative formats like (1,1д)
[-] LMDCurrencySettings: negative format signature was not properly initialized - fixed
[-] TLMDHTMLLabel: never-ending loop when AutoSize = true fixed
[-] LMDInputDlg: MultilinePrompt property added
[-] LMDTxtPrinter: unicode issues fixed (printing was incorrect for CRS2009+)

LMD DockingPack

[-] #837 bug has been fixed.

LMD Storage Pack

[-] pLMDTemplateStorageForm: AV when selecting form's props fixed
[-] LMDStorRegistryVault: the issue "property itemN does not exist" (custom properties were not read correctly) fixed

LMD ElPack

[+] ElXTree: OnControlCreated event added
[+] TElTrayInfo. Added InforType option - titNone to show control without any icon
[-] TElTrayInfo. Fixed positioning on multi-monitor system


[*] Property inspector's drop-down list positioning has been tweaked to prevent out of screen regions.
[-] #834 buf has been fixed: Memory leaks in service provider.
[-] Small LMD-DesignPack related bug has been fixed (TLMDDesignPanel handle recreation).
[-] SortDropDown property of TLMDObjectComboBox has been made published.
[-] UITypes.pas has been added to some units uses to remove compiler warnings.

Release 2012.2 (27-Feb-2012)

LMD Tools

[+] LMDButtonPanel: SetBorders method is now aware of buttons visibility prop value
[+] LMDCalendarEdit, LMDCustomDateTimePicker: StartDay property added, access to Calendar and CalendarForm added
[-] LMDCurrencySettings: bug with negative formats with parenthesis like "¤(1,1)" fixed
[-] LMDCustomMaskEdit: pressing "-" when entering currency values changed cursor position - fixed
[-] LMDCustomMaskEdit and descendants: navigation with LEFT and RIGHT keys was broken - fixed
[-] LMDComboBoxExt: ItemIndex was not set by the moment when Change method is called - fixed
[+] LMDCustomExtSpinEdit: ForceOverwriteMode made published
[-] LMDCustomExtSpinEdit: deleting DecimalSep bug fixed
[-] LMDPanelFill memory leak when BackFXPass = true fixed

LMD ElPack

[-] ElXTreeCell: Cell.TextAlignment issue fixed
[*] ElVerInfo (TElVersionInfo): Fixed some issue under Delphi 2007 and below
[-] TElEdit. Fixed Backspace behavior error
[+] TElEdit. Added ScrollBarsAutoShowing property that controls which of scrolbars is auto showing. Default ssNone.
[*] TElLabel. Small fixes.

LMD DockingPack

[+] TLMDDockPanel.Release method has been added (like in TForm).
[+] Global TLMDDockManager.OnLayoutChange event, which is fired for all sites including floating, has been added.
[+] Bounds constraints are now applied on loading floating forms, which made them at least partially visible on screen; with respect of multi-monitor systems.
[+] ActiveHot tabs state has been added to painter interface.
[+] Close button in floating form made invisible, in case it invisible in some of contained panels.
[-] WM_ACTIVATE added to PanelsHookProc to fix the bug with modal dialogs.


[-] Syntax edit: CSS scheme bug has been fixed.
[-] Designer: Non-visual components disappearing bug has been fixed.
[-] ScriptPack: #831 bug has been fixed.

LMD Grid

[+] PopupMenu property has been published.
[+] OnMouseUp, OnMouseMove events has been published.
[+] IsEditorShown, Edit and EndEditing methods has been added to allow manual inplace editor control.
[+] GridColToDataCol, DataColToGridCol, GridRowToDataRow, DataRowToGridRow, DataRectToGridRect methods has been published.
[+] MouseCoord and CellRect methods has been published to allow mouse coordinates to be transformed to grid Col/Row indexes.


Release 2012.1 (15-Jan-2012)


[-] Support of XE2 vcl.styles for most of LMD Tools and ElPack controls added (several major fixes made to LMDThemes, ElPack and LMDTools units). See What's New page for more info.

LMD Tools

[+] LMDInputDlg: PromptFont property added
[+] LMDStorXMLVault: NormalizeSeparators property added
[+] LMDToolBar: support of all image lists added, including TLMDImageList
[-] LMDBaseGraphicButton: ImageIndex is now used instead of ListIndex
[+] LMDCmps.inc: LMD_FORCELISTINDEXUSE switch entry added (disabled by default, see http://wiki.lmd.de/index.php/LMD_VCL_-_LMD-Tools_FAQ#ListIndex_vs._ImageIndex_property)
[-] LMDCustomToolBar, pLMDToolBarEditorDlg: several major fixes

LMD ElPack

[-] ElFlatCtl: wrong (themed) frame when ThemeMode=ttmNone issue fixed

LMD BarPack

[-] Fixed: Switching to a different SectionStorage control in response to a click on an item in a section caused AV under certain circumstances.

LMD DockingPack

[+] Application.AutoDragDocking property is now respected.

LMD InspectorPack

[-] tkVariant->tkClass in SetObject method bug fix.

LMD SyntaxEdit

[*] FolderSelect dialog has been replaced to FileOpen dialog with multi-select in edit document component editor menu.
[+] Load/Save buttons has been added to syntax and color editors.
[+] Entries renaming has been implemented in color scheme editor (use F2 to rename tokens and custom attributes).
[-] HTML scheme bug fix: scheme now properly skip "\/>" char sequence.

Release 2012.0 (30-Nov-2011)

First public release. Beta 1 and 2 were available for registered customers only.