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This documents contains history logs for LMD IDE-Tools 3.0 and corresponding standalone packs.
First official release: 25-Aug-2009

Major version numbers are:
LMD IDE-Tools 3.0, LMD DesignPack 5.1, LMD ScriptPack 6.0, LMD SyntaxEdit 2.1

[+] Feature added
[*] Feature changed
[-] Bug fixed

History Logs

Release 3.17 (26-October-2010)

[*] Minor bug fixes and general enhancements

Release 3.16 (31-August-2010)

[+] Delphi / C++Builder XE installer

Release 3.15 (16-August-2010)

[+-] lmd.syntax: memory footprint improved in TLMDEditDocument
[+-] lmd.syntax: Bug fixed with loading/reloading files > 80 MB: http://lmd.de/newsgroups/newsgroups.php?art_group=lmd.public.vcl.idetools&article_id=919

Release 3.14 (26-July-2010)

[-] bug fix in TLMDPrinter code, in BeginDoc on some printers. (problem with TPrinter.BeginDoc and global variable there)

Release 3.12 (14-June-2010)

[*] Minor bug fixes and general enhancements

Release 3.11 (19-May-2010)

[+] Block mode selection (with Alt key pressed) implemented in View. Works for copy/paste and drag/drop operations.

Release 3.10.02 (06-May-2010)

[*] Minor bug fixes and general enhancements

Release 3.09 (26-Mar-2010)

[*] Minor bug fixes and general enhancements

Release 3.08 (28-Feb-2010)

[*] General enhancements

Release 3.07 (28-Jan-2010)

[+] LMD ScriptPack: Excel Demo (COM) added
[-] Syntax Edit: Minor fixes in CustomEditView

Help file installer (updated)
[*] Improvements for Delphi/C++ Builder 2010 Help integration
[+] Win32 Help installer include again Delphi/C++ Builder 6 Helpfile integration options

Release 3.06 (16-Dec-2009)

This is mainly a release to work around a problem introduced with recent Delphi 2010 Updates in the shared runtime. The following line:

TLMDOnHeaderWrite = procedure(Sender: TObject; var Target: Text) of object;

causes now a TI894 internal error.
This method signature is used OnHeaderWrite events in TLMDApplication class and TLMDApplicationCtrl control. For Delphi 2010 and above this line is now changed to:

TLMDOnHeaderWrite=procedure(Sender: TObject;const Target: TStringList) of object;

This is a breaking change. If you used this event you need to change your code slightly (add your header lines now to Stringlist instead writing to a TEXT variable.
Please also note that this problem appeared for source code user in Delphi/C++ Builder with Update 2 or higher only. If you are not affected by this problem there is no need to update to .06 release.
[*] Memory leak in LMDVistaDialog.pas was fixed.
[+] Added OldFilter property for TLMDCustomFileDialog.FileTypes, you now be able to set old filters like this Text files (*.txt)|*.TXT
[*] Added default option to enable sizing in dealogs in OSes previous than Vista
[*] TLMDPngObject - fixed drawing on Vista glass

Release 3.05 (14-Dec-2009)

[-] BTS #752: Problem with Unicode property names in PropertyInspector control fixed.

Release 3.04 (23-Nov-2009)

[*] Minor changes related to changes in LMD2010 Common Runtime

Release 3.03 (15-Oct-2009)

[*] Demos updated (especially for C++)
[-] Several fixes regarding XML support which caused problems in certain areas

Release 3.02 (02-Oct-2009)


[*] Some minor fixes.
[+] New advanced IDE demo shows new debugging features of the LMD-ScriptPack and new debug related IDE-Tools controls. Also this demo implements Delphi like layouts using LMD-DockingPack.

[+] New Modules collection has been added to the debugger. Items in the collection is of TLMDDebugModule class. A debug module is the abstract representation of the debugging module/source-file. It was added mainly to implement two following ideas: first, to allow to setup and maintain the breakpoints during design-time in the scripting-IDE (e.g. while the script project is not running and no script controls are exsist); and second, to allow to associate more then one script control with the same debug module at run-time (e.g. like more then one form of the same class can be created in Delphi application at run-time).
[*] Despite the old DebugName property is supported in the script control, its value is only a consequence of the new DebugModule property. The new DebugModule property should be used to associate a script control with the debug module.
[*] The breakpoints are now set on the debug module as a whole, not on the concrete script control. So, all associated with the module script controls will break at run-time.

[+-] ILMDLineMark and ILMDMark merged into one ILMDMark interface.
Also, all interfaces/classes/methods related to ILMDLineMark now working as aliases to correspondent ILMDMark code, and marked as deprecated (old with ILMDLineMark using code should still work).
[+] Added support for custom debugger frame markers: see types/properties:
TLMDDebugFrameKind, TLMDEditDocument.DebugFrameLines/GetDebugFrameKind/SetDebugFrameKind,
Those properties works as correspondent Breakpoint support properties (TLMDEditDocument.Breakpoints and other), and used to mark stack frame lines from some custom IDE debugger.

Release 3.01 (08-Sep-2009)

[-] BTS #0732: intermittent "Undeclared identifier"in PascalScript has been fixed.
[-] BTS #0731 and #0730: endless loop while parsing code has been fixed.
[-] BTS #0728: loosing some property values because of unproper form handle recreation in design-panel has been fixed.

Release 3.0 (25-Aug-2009)

Initial Release.