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This documents contains history logs for LMD ElPack 8.0 releases.
First official release: 25-Aug-2009

[+] Feature added
[*] Feature changed
[-] Bug fixed

History Logs

Release 8.17 (26-October-2010) 

[-] ElSBHook: issues related to application freeze when running several instances of application with ElPack components - fixed
[-] ElBiProgr, TELBiProgressBar: division by 0 error in non-themed mode fixed
[-] ElPgCtl, TElPageControl: handling WM_MouseWheel message in children controls fixed
[+] ElCaption: DownImages and DisabledImages image lists added
[+] Const LMDDisableOleinit added, {$IFDEF LMDDISABLE_OLEINIT} removed
[-] ElCombos: AdjustRegion fixed
[-] ElCombos: incorrect text color when control is focused and text is not empty (classic mode in Vista and upper) - fixed
[-] ElCombos: incorrect arrow drawing in Vista/Windows7 classic mode fixed
[-] ElEdits: text color for disabled edit control in classic mode fixed
[-] TElHeader: incorrect position after dragging fixed
[-] ElIni, TElIniFile: UTF8 writing/reading fixed
[-] TElPageControl: incorrect tabs drawing fixed
[-] TElPanel: setting Enabled property to true had no effect in runtime if set to false in design time
[-] ElTree: unclickable area issue in Win7 fixed
[-] TElTree/TElXTree: Application.Hint setting fixed
[-] LMDGlyphs: incorrect glyph drawing in classic mode (Vista and higher) fixed

Release 8.16 (13-September-2010) 

[-] ElXtree, ElTree: GetFullExpand optimized (newsgroup suggestion)
[-] ElCombos: combobox region was not updated on resize - fixed (newsgroup rep "ElComboBox size" 10/09/2010)
[-] ElCombos: combobutton's arrow disappeared when changing to classic mode/ThemeGlobalMode=ttmNone - fixed
[-] ElBiProgr, ElPopBtn: ThemeGlobalMode property added to published clause

Silent Update 31-August-2010
[+] Delphi / C++Builder XE installer
Silent Update 24-August-2010
[-] ElCaption: ImageList support issues fixed

Release 8.15 (16-August-2010) 

[-] Fixed ElCaption captions drawing for themed windows
[+] TElGraphicButton. HotBackground now is published property
[*] TElDateTimePicker. OnChange event now fires only when all 4 digits of year are inputed.
[+] TElCaption. Added ImageList support for TElCaptionButtons
[+]  ElCaption, ElPopBtn, ElToolBar, LMDGlyphs: GlyphMaskUsage property introduced for "fine tuning" of glyphs in ElCaption, ElPopBtn, ElToolBar

Release 8.14 (26-July-2010) 

[+] LMDGlyphs: aMaskUsage parameter added in AddMasked method (possible values: force unmasked, force masked, use as defined in Masked property of the glyph list)
[-] LMDGlyphs: incorrect painting of transparent icon on button with ThemeMode = ttmNone - fixed
[-] ElPopBtn: icon was scaled wrong when UseArrow = true and ThemeMode = ttmNone - fixed
[-] ElHeader: bug in section deleting - fixed
[-] ElGroupBox, TElGroupBox: several AutoDisableChildren issues fixed.

Release 8.13 (26-June-2010) 

[-] TElComboBox. Fixed border under Vista+
[-] TElCurrEdit. Fixed Disabled backaground.
[-] TElIniFile. Fixed garbage symbols saving
[+] TElPopupButton. Added property ResizableButtonImage to control stretching button icon.

Release 8.12 (14-June-2010) 

[-] StyleManager Editor: IDE crashed when opening style editor if there is an instance of ElXTree on the form - fixed
[-] ElStyleMan, StyleManager Editor: "Failed to find root item" issue fixed (style editor did not open in Delphi 2009 and higher because of encoding)
[-] ElPopBtn: GetArrowSize simplified; incorrect arrow size fixed
[-] BTS #771 fixed

Release 8.11 (19-May-2010) 

[-] ElXTree: black background flicker when Parent.DoubleBuffered = true removed
[-] ElTreeGrids: compiler hints removed
[-] ElCombos: GPF fixed
[-] ElPopBtn: disabled text drawing fixed for TElToolbarButton

Release 8.10.02 (06-May-2010) 

[+] Added Greece ancent symbols
[*] ElBtnEdit: Fixed #769 Issue
[+] TElPanel and successors now set enable = false for all contained controls
[+] TElCurrEdit correctly accept numbers pasting from clipboard
[+] TElTrayIcon now supports balloon showing
[+] ElTray. Support for modern Windows versions such as Windows Vista, 7
[*] Fixed #770 issue
[*] ElXHeader:Fixed bug described in "Deleting columns in TElXTree header editor" and other TElXTreeEditor
[-] ElCurrEdit: BTS #765 fixed  
[-] ElCombos: one-pixel gaps removed in combobox corners
[-] ElXHeader: Fixed BTS #766 bug
[-] ElMenus: Improved RighttoLeft drawing (rep. by Graham Powell)
[-] ElEdits: Fixed "Problem with custom scrollbars" (newsgroup)

Release 8.09 (26-Mar-2010)

[+] ElEdits, ElInputProcessor: TElDeadChar now supports WideChar, TElEdit now has DeadCharList public
[*] ElIni: Now D2010 and D2009 config is saved in utf8
[-] ElDTPick, ElXHeader: BTS #762 issue fized; but LockHeight doesn't work correctly yet
[-] ElMenus: BTS#764, #754 issues fixed
[-] ElMenus: fixed disabled color in ElMainMenu when form is MDIForm
[-] ElPanel: transparency issue for themed mode in ElGroupBox fixed [related issue BTS#758]
[-] ElPopUpBtn: glyph position for UseArrow=true fixed
[-] ElTreeStdEditors: OnExit fixed

Release 8.08 (28-Feb-2010)

[-] ElBtnEdit, ElCombos, ElEdits: some issues of themed rendering in Vista/Windows7 fixed (dropdown button invisible issue - "TElComboBox, button size.." post in newsgroup, dropdown button in ElPopupBtn - "TElPopupButton UseArrow draws arrow too thin" post in newsgroup)
[-] BTS #758 runtime issue fixed
[+] InvertMinButton in TElExplorerBar now works in theme mode.
[*] Improved editing in TElSpinEdit
[-] Fixed incorrect Alignment when TElTree.ShowChecboxes and TElTree.SowEmptyImages is true
[-] Fixed error when TElTreeInplaceDTPickEditor loose focus
[-] Fixed 'Invalid Section' exception
[-] Fixed tree Header drawing for HTML sections
[-] Fixed TElXHeader move sections with merged cells
[-] Fixed min value ignoring in TElSpinEdit TElFloatSpinEdit
[-] Fixed merging menus showed for non MDI forms
[-] Fixed invalid caption height calculation in TElExplorerBar
[-] Fixed "Duplicated Call of OnAfterSelectionChange-Event of TElTreeStringGrid when clicking other row"
[-] Fixed "TElListBox and press <Space> or <Enter> (or other key) causes Listbox to select first entry"

Release 8.07 (28-Jan-2010)

[+] TElXTree: New property was added - IncrementalSearchSelectItem. It allows to control selected state of found item
[+] TElXTree: Added SortSections property to public section
[+] Added OnHTMLImageNeededEx event for TElHeader and TElXHeader components. (PNG Support for ElHeader)
[+] TElSpeedButton. Added TCustomeImageList support as source of state pictures
[*] TElXTree: CustomPlusMinus property overrides theme settings now (so that custom plus-minus icons could be used in themed mode)
[-] TElXTree. Fixed Moving and deleting HeaderSections and sync with item cells [-] TElHeader: Sort mark was not drawn in themed mode, fixed
[-] Fixed BTS #751. Please be notified that this fix require Delphi 2009 Update 3/4 installed
[-] Fixed Flat drawing for themed TElPageControl when tabs on bottom or on Right
[-] Fixed "No Scrolling possible per Scroll-Buttons if too many bigger cols are in a TElTreeStringGrid (ElPack 6-8)"
[-] Fixed ElMenuBar MDI buttons hook when TElMenuBar isn't directly on form. Added OnAfterPasteClipboardText event
[-] Fixed black background for ElMainMenus disabled items
[-] Fixed TElPageControl etsNetTab tabs drawing issue
[-] Move TriggerSortEnd after IsUpdating := false; in OnHeaderSectionClick method

Help file installer (updated)
[*] Improvements for Delphi/C++ Builder 2010 Help integration
[+] Win32 Help installer include again Delphi/C++ Builder 6 Helpfile integration options

Release 8.06 (16-Dec-2009)

This is mainly a release to work around a problem introduced with recent Delphi 2010 Updates in the shared runtime. The following line:

TLMDOnHeaderWrite = procedure(Sender: TObject; var Target: Text) of object;

causes now a TI894 internal error. This method signature is used OnHeaderWrite events in TLMDApplication class and TLMDApplicationCtrl control. For Delphi 2010 and above this line is now changed to:

TLMDOnHeaderWrite=procedure(Sender: TObject;const Target: TStringList) of object;

This is a breaking change. If you used this event you need to change your code slightly (add your header lines now to Stringlist instead writing to a TEXT variable.
Please also note that this problem appeared for source code user in Delphi/C++ Builder with Update 2 or higher only. If you are not affected by this problem there is no need to update to .06 release.
[*] Memory leak in LMDVistaDialog.pas was fixed.
[+] Added OldFilter property for TLMDCustomFileDialog.FileTypes, you now be able to set old filters like this Text files (*.txt)|*.TXT
[*] Added default option to enable sizing in dealogs in OSes previous than Vista
[*] TLMDPngObject - fixed drawing on Vista glass

Release 8.05 (14-Dec-2009)

[-] ElFolderDlg: Behaviour on Windows 9x platforms with LMD_UNICODE switch enabled fixed
[*] ElEdits, ElIni: minor refactoring
[+] ElFontCombo: option for hiding @-prefixed fonts added
[-] ElShadowWindow: Fixed "Control has no parent window" exception in Windows 2000
[-] BTS #754 fixed (TElXTree: Incorrect calculation of text alignment in columns)
[-] ElHeader, ElHeaderX: last empty section rendering fixed for ThemeMode=ttmNative
[-] BTS#758 fixed (Disappearing controls when adding ElPopBtn on the ElPanel in IDE)
[-] ElXTree: gutter rendering improved
[-] ElSBCtrl: minor refactoring (IsInRect -> LMDPointInRect -> LMDProcs)
[-] ElToolBar: ThemeMode was reset to ttmPlatform while loading from dfm if control is themed - fixed

Release 8.04 (23-Nov-2009)

[+] ElCombos: ForceItemHeight property added to TElComboBox
[+] ElCombos: SaveUnicode property added in TElComboBox
[-] ElDTPick.pas: Fixed AutoAdvance (Entering first digit in the year field moved cursor to hour field)
[-] ElPgCtl.pas: TabStop set to true by default
[-] ElXHeader: LockHeight was ignored - fixed

[-] ElSpinEdit: Spin button rendering bug (extra pixels when ButtonWidth = 0) fixed
[-] ElIni: Fixed saving unicode ini files (added BOM marker). This change affects also ElStyleManager issue (*.els files written from D2009 could not be read)
[-] ElBtnEdit: AdjustBoundsRect fixed
[-] ElBtnEdit: ElComboBox dropdown button and ElButtonEdit main buttons were not visible - fixed

Release 8.03 (15-Oct-2009)

[-] ElTreeGrids: ChangeScale modified
[-] ElSpin: spin buttons sizes corrected
[-] ElBtnEdit: setting theme mode to ttmNative has no effect on AltButton - fixed
[-] ElRTTIInspector: BTS #745 issue fixed
[-] ElXTree: Fixed BTS #737, #738 issues

Release 8.02 (02-Oct-2009)

[+] TElPopupMenu: IsPopuped property added
[+] ElWideDBMemo: Support of ftWideMemo field type
[+] ElXTree: PlusPosition property, which allows control of vertical position of plus/minus button
[-] ELMenuBar: BTS #740
[-] ElStyleManager editor did not start - fixed
[-] ElXTree: mouse selection color fixed
[-] ElXTree: Draw order when HighAlphaLevel < 255 fixed

Release 8.01 (08-Sep-2009)

[-] ElComboBox rendering with Style = csDropDownList in Vista was broken - fixed
[-] BTS#716: Properties AltButtonPngGlyph, AltButtonUsePng added for a number of controls
[-] ElPack Megademo compilability in B2007 fixed
[*] ElEdits: Call to AdjustHeight added in TCustomElEdit.CMCtl3DChanged
[-] ElEdits: OnChange doesn't called after pasting text from clipboard
[-] BTS#721 (ElMemo blink when typing) fixed
[-] LMDApplication.ThemeUseColorProperty handling in ElEdits was broken - fixed
[+] TWinControl descendants: DoubleBuffered property made published
[+] ElAdvPanel: ChangeScale method overridden for better scaling
[*] ElVclUtils: CopyTextToClipboard renamed to LMDCopyTextToClipboard and moved to LMDUtils
[-] ElPromptDlg: Ctrl+C did not work in ElPromptDialog - fixed
[+] ElPromptDlg: Caption, separators and button captions added to text copied to ClipBoard from ElPromptDialog
[+] ElXtree: MakeColVisible method added
[+] ElXTree: GetNextChecked and GetCheckedCount methods added
[-] ElListBox: BTS#727 fixed

Release 8.0 (25-Aug-2009)

Initial Release.