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This document is related to LMD 2009 packages only.

Location of the global compiler switch include file is
in lmdrtl subfolder or main source folder. The following sections describe the use and functionality of main compiler switches.

General switches

  • LMD_UNICODE - Unicode support: Comment this switch, to disable Unicode support (where available). Default: ON
  • LMDDISABLE_OLEINIT - Comment this to disable OleInitialize in initialization section. Default: OFF

Debug switches

  • LMD_DEBUG - Use this switch to enable/disable Debug settings for compiler. Default: OFF
  • LMDDEBUGTRACE - Required internally for special debugging purposes. Default: OFF
  • LMD_DEBUGMESSAGES - Enables or disables output of debug messages. Default: OFF

Themes related switches

No longer available. Check LMD 2009 Theme Engine for more info.

ElPack related switches

  • LMD_ELUNISCRIBE - Uniscribe support: comment this switch, to disable Uniscribe support. note: feature is in alpha stage and not available for all controls. Default: OFF
  • LMDDISABLE_ELTOOLBAR_SETUP - Disables TElToolBar.Setup method that show the dialog that lets user re-arrange and show or hide controls on toolbar. This method is hidden by default to make less executable. Default: ON
  • LMDDISABLE_ELHEADER_SETUP - Disables TElHeader.Setup method that show the dialog for sections in ElHeader object. This method is disabled by default to make less executable. Default: ON

LMDPNG related switches

  • LMD_REGISTERPNG - Register TLMDPNGObject as TGraphic format. Default: ON
  • LMD_PARTIALTRANSPARENTDRAWPNG - Enables drawing mode for semitransparent png images. Default: ON