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This documents contains history logs for all LMD-Tools 2007 products (except LMD ElPack and LMD IDE-Tools packages).
First official release: 10-Sep-2007

[+] Feature added
[*] Feature changed
[-] Bug fixed

History Logs

LMD-Tools 8.X

Release 8.13 (18-December-2008)

[-] LMDButtonBar: Section.Layout functionality fixed
[+] LMDMaskEdit: ProcessBlankChar property introduced
[-] LMDClock: CustomDateTimeFormat was ignored when UseCustomDateTime = true for ClockMode in [cmStopwatch, cmCountdown]
[+] LMDMemo: IgnoreLastEmptyLine compatibility property added
[-] LMDCustomMaskEdit (LMDExtSpinEdit): AsFloat returned truncated value while allowing to enter more digits than allowed by Decimals property for MaskType = meFloat - fixed

Release 8.12.50 (05-October-2008)

[-] Several bugfixes from LMD 2009 branch applied to LMD 2007 releases.

Release 8.12 (10-September-2008)

[-] TLMDCustomMaskEdit: CheckText minor fix
[-] TLMDCustomMaskEdit: Line count bug for wordwrap=true fixed (newsgroup rep. 22.08.2008)
[-] TLMDTaskDialog: Wrong return values for clicked buttons in non-Vista OS fixed.

Release 8.11.50 (15-August-2008)

[-] Progress Bar controls: Problems with certain SmallBar/BarCount settings fixed.

Release 8.11 (14-July-2008)

[*] Installer: Detection of BDSCOMMONDIR improved (CRS 2007 only).

[+] TLMDGlyphLabel: GlyphNumber and GlyphColumn properties added
[-] TLMDSpeedButton: Visual problem at designtime (when invisible) fixed.

Release 8.10 (26-June-2008)

[+] TLMDPageControl, Options property: toShowAccelChar flag added. Besides that Prefixes (when toShowAccelChar is enabled) are drawn correctly when TabPosition is Left or Right.
[+] TLMDTrayIcon: IsMinimized function (useful in connection with Hide-/ShowApplication methods)
[*] TLMDStatusBar: OnMouseDown event -> default behaviour restored
[*] TLMDTrayIcon: Changes for better Delphi/CRS 2007 support (especially MainFormOnTaskBar)
[-] TLMDDBListComboBox: key scroll issue fixed (rept in news by Alan Hartman 12 June 2008).
[-] TLMDTrayIcon: BTS #617 fixed.
[-] TLMDStatusbar: OnPanelClick event, wrong index number fixed.
[-] Artifact when changing Form Caption fixed;
[-] Border area painting fixed for non-zero BorderWidth;
[-] Non-themed min/max/close buttons appearing fixed;
[-] Caption font settings now are read from theme file.

Release 8.09 (14-May-2008)

[+] LogTools package added (for use with LMD AnyLogger client)
[-] LMDCustomMaskEdit: BTS #613 issue fixed (LMDApplication.EditMode was not restored after changing in LMDCustomMaskEdit when MaskType = meMask).
[-] LMDCustomListBox: BTS #612 issue fixed (When using a TLMDListBox with a lot of lines, search by typing a character on the list was extremely slow, and refreshed the list a lot of times).

Release 8.08 (21-Apr-2008)

[+] LMDBaseEdit: select all on triple click added.
[+] LMDCustomHint and descendants: Assign method added.
[+] LMDCustomShapeHint: UseSystemShadow property added.
[+] LMDHintErrorProvider: Assign method added.
[*] LMDShapeHint: Drawing mechanism now implemented with regions; both system shadows and custom shadows supported.
[-] LMDThemesGraphics: AV when running app from IDE in d5-d7 when themeengine = enabled and compile mode = release - fixed.
[-] LMDThemedComboBox: Background color fixed for dropdown listbox (rpt. in newsgroup 15.04.2008);

Release 8.07 (31-Mar-2008)

[+] TLMDBaseEdit and descendants: Select all on triple mouseclick click added.
[+] TLMDCustomShapeHint and descendants: UseSystemShadow property added.
[*] TLMDShapeHint and descendants: Completely reworked drawing scheme. Problems with transparenceny on certain backgrounds are now solved.
[*] Redesigned LMDApplication.IsPrevRunning and LMDActivatePrevInstance to work with Delphi 2007
[-] Fixed: MouseOver State in TLMDMMButton did no longer work as expected because of package restructuring.

Release 8.06 (19-Mar-2008)

[+] LMD native Edit and ComboBox controls: LMDApplication.ThemeUseColorProperty added. After many requests we implemented now support of Color property in themed mode. If your application requires previous behaviour, set somewhere in your code LMDApplication.ThemeUseColorProperty to false (and like before Color property is ignored in themed mode).
[+] LMDCustomMaskEdit: UnMaskedText property added (allows to read clear text and write text with automatic format according to the current mask)
[+] TLMDTrayIcon, major enhancements with support for various extended TrayIcon features (available from Win2k and better):

  • Properties added: BalloonHint, BalloonTitle, property BalloonTimeout, BalloonFlags and Options
  • Event added: OnAnimate
  • Methods added:
    • function CanShowBallonHint:Boolean; (Balloon hints supported)
    • function CurrentImageIndex:Integer;
    • procedure HideBallonHint;
    • procedure HideApplication;
    • procedure ShowApplication;
    • function ShowBalloonHint:Boolean; overload;
    • function ShowBalloonHint(const aTitle, aHint: String; aFlags: TLMDBalloonFlags = bfNone; aTimeOut: Integer = 10000):Boolean; overload;
    • procedure Refresh;
    • procedure SetDefaultIcon;

All new features are demonstrated in the reworked TLMDTrayIcon demo (available for Delphi(.NET)).
[*] LMDHTMLUnit: small fix to process font color in links (ex: <a href="test"><font color=clRed>test<font></s> - font must be clRed + LinkColor)
[-] Small memory leak in TLMDCustomHint and descendants fixed.
[-] BTS #597: LMDAlarmComponent fix (the case when Alarm item is freed from OnAlarm event was not handled).
[-] TLMDTextPanel: newly created embedded controls did not receive names - fixed (LMDEmbdControl).

Release 8.05 (04-Mar-2008)

[*] Improved Helpfile for shared runtime
[-] Help installers for BDS/CRS IDEs handle now target path names containing spaces correctly.

[+] TLMDPrintToolBar: BorderWidth property added
[+] TLMDPageControl: Docking support added
[+] TLMDNativeHint: New properties - Enabled, MaxWidth and HideAccelChar
[+] LMDUtils.pas: LMDSetForeGroundWindow - improved SetForeGroumdWindow method which works correctly on Win98/2K.
[*] LMD-Tools Hint controls: Several optimizations and improvements. Redunant files were moved to deprecated subfolder. All hint controls derived from TLMDCustomHint support ShowHint and ShowHintControl methods.
Major Change:
New UseScreenHintFont property specifies whether Screen.HintFont setting should be used for displayed hints. If enabled, value of font property won't be stored (results in smaller DFM files).
[*] TLMDNativeHint is now part of the LMDRTLX shared package and can be used by all packages with use (dcl)lmdrtlx packages (ElPack, ChartPack, RichPack, etc.).
[*] TLMDTextHint, TLMDTextShapeHint: Font3D property was removed. It had no effect, either. Errors during DFM loading can be ignored.
[*] BTS #587: TLMDPageControl - OnChange event no longer generated during form loading state
[*] TLMDTaskDialog: Designer extended - multiline editing for Main instruction, Content, Footer Text. CommandLink buttons now able to be visible.
[-] TLMDMaskEdit: literal mask symbols were not skipped automatically when entering text - fixed.
[-] TLMDMemo (.net): row width was calculated incorrectly for strings containing non-latin symbols (e.g. cyrillic) - fixed.
[-] TLMDFormStyler: AV no longer generated when fsUseFormCaption flag is switched off
[-] PrintPack dialog controls: Problems with Printer property at designtime fixed.
[-] BTS #592: "Invalid argument to date encode" crash for LMDCalendar object with StartWithActualDate=True fixed.
[-] BTS #548: TLMDCheckGroup/TLMDRadioGroup native transparency problem(Delphi/C++ Builder 5 and 6 and themed mode only) fixed.
[-] BTS #487: TLMDMemo does not always show vertical bar even if there is hidden text and ScrollBars - fixed.

Release 8.04 (21-Jan-2008)

[-] BTS #585 (8.03.11)
[-] TLMDTaskDialog under Windows XP and earlier OS version ignored tdfPositionRelativeToWindow flag

Release 8.03.10 (06-Jan-2008)

[-] TLMDBaseEdit, search and replace fixed for searching from cursor while IsUpdating = true
[-] TLMDCheckBox/RadioButton native transparency problem (Delphi/C++ Builder 5 and 6 only) fixed (more info: BTS #548).
[-] TLMDIconErrorProvider: Memory leak fixed

Release 8.03.00 (10-Dec-2007)

New Component
[+] TLMDEditControlPrintTask (PrintPack support)

TLMDBaseEdit, Search and Replace functionality:
[+] FoundAtPos method for getting first symbol of found string when IsUpdating=true;
[-] Search method ignored IsUpdating status, which caused scrolling and flashing when multiple search is performed - fixed;
[-] If the word is the last in file, search did not find it - fixed;
[-] Index out of bounds error in .net when S&R the last word - fixed;
[-] Search with WholeWords = true fixed.
[-] Triggering FOnAfterBrowse removed from DoOnBrowseClick method (caused the event being triggered twice).
[+] TLMDAssist
New Options flag - aoSuppressLoadEvent
Specifies whether OnBeforePage event should be generated when assist control is initially shown /loaded from DFM. Flag is set by default, if OnBeforePage event should be generated, disable this flag.
[-] TLMDPageControl
Problem in Multiline mode in certain cases fixed (two clicks required to activate tab).
[-] TLMDStatusBar: Repaint problem fixed
[*] TLMDTextEditDialog: Anchor settings for Ok/Cancel Buttons changed (better resizing behaviour)

Release 8.02.00 (13-Nov-2007)

[+] CRS 2007.NET support
[+] Unicode support improved
[+] .Net resource files restored and updated for CRS 2007 .NET support
[+] TLMDAssist: Changes to CustomStrings are now reflected in all situations.
[+] TLMDCustomSwitch and descendants: OnChange event added (triggered when enduser changes checked state)
[*] LMD TextPack: Several minor changes (e.g. many properties now with default values)
[-] Code fixed to use .net resources
[-] LMDHTMLUnit: Memory leaks fixed and AV when font tag is unclosed fixed
[-] Theme engine slowdown issue fixed for win2k and higher systems
[-] LMD TextPack: BTS #553 fixed.
[-] TLMDCustomButtonGroup and descendants: Font artefacts when switching Enabled State in non-standard alignment mode fixed.
[-] TLMDCustomButtonGroup and descendants: Designtime visual fixes.
[-] TLMDPanelFill: Fixed problem with missing csAcceptsControls flag.

Release 8.01.00 (15-Oct-2007)

TLMDApplication, TLMDApplicationCtrl
[-] LMDApplication.LogMaxsize: Bug with unclosed file handles fixed

[+] ItemParentFont added, font changing logic fixed;
[-] edges of section buttons color fixed for themed mode;
[+] CtlXP property published; themed rendering added;
[+] separate ItemFont property added;
[+] mousewheel handling added;
[+] cursors allow item scrolling and pageup/pagedown allow changing sections now.

TLMDCustomMaskEdit and descendants
[-] Bug caused impossibility of moving focus from empty LMDDBCalendarComboBox fixed.

[*] max color count is 65535 now.

[+] compatibility fixes (<s>, </s> added; background attr. added);
[-] <ol> list item's backgroundcolor issue fixed, other minor fixes.
[-] "HTML not valid" issue for ElTree when Image is not correctly set - fixed.

[-] Selection via cursor keys fixed;
[-] minor cosmetic fix (relative coordinates of dropdown list and edit field).

LMDSysIn Unit
[+] itTimeElapsedSinceBoot, itSysLastBootTime added to TLMDInfoType and GetSystemInfoString.

Release 8.00.50 (17-Sep-2007)

[*] Changes and fixes in shared runtime packages

LMD BarPack 2.X

Release 2.03 (18-Dec-2008)

[-] LMDExplorerBar: LinkedControl visibility issue fixed

Release 2.02 (19-Mar-2008)

[-] TLMDExplorerBarLabel: some redundand code removed, WordWrap fixed.

Release 2.01.50 (04-Mar-2008)

[*] TLMDExplorerBar: Minor improvements during control animation

Release 2.01.10 (06-Jan-2008)

[-] LMDExplorerBar: workaround added for slowdown issue in CRS2007 (Win32, Vista).

Release 2.01 (13-Nov-2007)

[+] CRS 2007.NET support

LMD ChartPack 1.X

Release 1.03 (21-Apr-2008)

[-] Memory leaks fixed and code clean ups.

Release 1.02 (10-Dec-2007)

[+] PrintPack support
[+] TLMDChartCTLine component
[+] TLMDChartPrintTask component

Release 1.01 (13-Nov-2007)

[+] CRS 2007.NET support

LMD FxPack 2.X

Release 2.01 (13-Nov-2007)

[+] CRS 2007.NET support

LMD RichPack 4.X

Release 4.08 (18-December-2008)

[-] LMDRTFHyperText, LMDRTFRichEdit: modified at click issue fixed;
[-] GetLinkParams issue fixed

Release 4.07 (15-August-2008)

[-] LMDRTFRichEdit:
Syntaxedit control kept losing syntax formatting when recreating window (e.g. when ShowRuler was changing) - fixed.

Release 4.06 (14-July-2008)

[+] BackColor, MarginColor properties added; [*] EditRect made public.

Release 4.05 (26-June-2008)

[+] TLMDRTFRuler: IndentMarkerWidth property added;
[-] TLMDRTFDBRichEdit: Changing Ruler visibility changed dataset state to editing - fixed.

Release 4.04 (21-Apr-2008)

[-] TLMDRTFRuler.SetMarginRight fixed.
[-] LMDRTFRichEdit: setting horizontal margin properties via code had no immediate effect on ruler - fixed.

Release 4.03 (10-Dec-2007)

[+] PrintPack support
[+] TLMDRichEditPrintTask component

Release 4.02 (13-Nov-2007)

[+] CRS 2007.NET support

Release 4.01 (17-Aug-2007)

[-] TLMDRichEdit: ReplaceTextExt and FindTextExt methods for C++ Builder support restored.

LMD ShellPack 4.X

Release 4.03 (18-Dec-2008)

[-] AV due to wrong overloaded method call when changing RootFolder fixed (affects BCB5 only)

Release 4.02 (10-Sep-2008)

[-] BTS #637: Sorting issues with TLMDShellList (wrong selection after sort) - fixed.

Release 4.01.11 (26-Jun-2008)

[-] File sizes greater than 4Gb were not shown correctly - fixed;
[-] Dates & time were shown with a time zone shift - fixed.

Release 4.01.10 (31-Mar-2008)

[*] OutStringList property from TLMDFileGrep removed. This property was non-functional since movement of TLMDFileGrep to ShellPack.

Release 4.01 (13-Nov-2007)

[+] CRS 2007.NET support

LMD SearchPack 3.X

Release 3.01.10 (26-Jun-2007)

[-] File sizes greater than 4Gb were not shown correctly - fixed;
[-] Dates & time were shown with a time zone shift - fixed.

Release 3.01 (13-Nov-2007)

[+] CRS 2007.NET support

LMD SysPack 3.X

Release 3.01.50 (15-Aug-2007)

[-] TLMDSysDisplay caused an invalid type error in Vista on refresh (LMDSysWallpaperObject. rep. in newsgroup on 14 Aug 2008).

Release 3.01 (13-Nov-2007)

[+] CRS 2007.NET support

LMD StoragePack 2.X

Release 2.03 (05-Oct-2008)

[-] BTS #641 issue fixed (manual loading from LMDStorBinVault worked only once because of Parsed flag).

Release 2.02 (19-Mar-2008)

[*] TLMDFormStorage: Component stores original values of forms when shown in minimized/maximized state after application start.

Release 2.01.10 (06-Jan-2008)

[*] TLMDStorFormStorage: Minor change for better support of MDI forms in connection with TLMDBack/TLMDFormFill

Release 2.01 (13-Nov-2007)

[+] CRS 2007.NET support

LMD WebPack 4.X

Release 4.02 (19-Mar-2008)

[-] "<" within tags was handled incorrectly (e.g. "<=" within <script> tag) - fixed;
[-] LI tag was handled incorrectly (extra empty trigger due to condition error) - fixed;
[-] Some incorrect event triggering (OnScriptTagEvent, OnLiTagEvent) fixed.
[-] "&gt;" was replaced by "<" instead of ">" when ReplaceSpecialChars = true.

Release 4.01 (13-Nov-2007)

[+] CRS 2007.NET support