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This documents contains history logs for LMD ElPack 5.0 releases. First official release: 10-Sep-2007 (Win32 only)
[+] Feature added
[*] Feature changed
[-] Bug fixed

History Logs

Release 5.11.10 (06-June-2007)

[+] TElDropTarget: TOleDragObject.WideFileList property was added. Provides access to the list of files that was dragged (like FileList property, but unicode filenames are supported).
[*] Enhanced CodeGear RAD Studio 2007 integration
[-] TElXTree: Scrollbar hint text is showing wrong column. Fixed.

Release 5.11.00 (20-May-2007)

[+] TElDBXTree: new type of field support was added: DataType = ftWideMemo.
[*] TElFormContainer: 'AddForm' declares as deprecated, new method 'Add' was added.
[-] TElCaptionPanel (TElExplorerBarGroup): always ignore TabStop property (always get tab if its CaptionSettings.Visible = True). fixed.
[-] TElDBXTree: av where items dragget to new parent. fixed.
[-] TElFolderDialog: problem in Win95 fixed.
[-] TElMenuBar: some problems with shortcuts solved.
[-] TElToolBar: flicker in controls resizing was reduced.
[-] TelPageControl: not enabled or visible tabs can't react on AccelChar.
[-] TelRadioButton: frame drawing was corrected for DPI > 96
[-] TElShellList: incorrect restore of ShowHeader property. fixed.
[-] TElXTree: problem with horisontal scrolling in rigt-aligned tree is solved.
[-] TElXTree: several problems with cells that contain html text are solved: incorrect selection when RowSelect = false, text not updated after changing, some problem with colors in virtual mode, some problems with link click etc.
[-] TElXTree: Issues with adding Header Sections at Runtime fixed.

Release 5.10.00 (22-March-2007)

[+] TElAdvancedPanel: BorderSides property published
[*] Changes for Delphi 2007 compatibility (including fix for IDE-freezes with DBComboBox controls).
[-] TElDBXTree: Several changes for ActiveOnLevel property.
[-] TElMenuBar + TElMainMenu: Removing MainMenu that is linked to MenuBar caused exception. Fixed.
[-] TElMenuItem: Small correction in Assign method: AutoCheck and AutoHotKeys properties were not copied.
[-] ElMenu property designer: navigation by keyboard did not change the object in object inspector. Fixed.
[-] TElTree: When items was cleared the selected property could point to non-existing item. Fixed.
[-] TEl(X)TreePrinter: Font changing caused exeption. Fixed.
[-] TElXTree: Cells html-link click problem. Fixed.
[-] Several Vista-related problem are solved (in TElTreeStringGrid, TElMainMenu, with glyphs drawing etc.)

Release 5.09.00 (07-March-2007)

[+] New compiler switch {-define LMD_COM_SERVER} was added to disable OleInitialize in initialization section of modules.
[+] TElAdvancedPanel: MinButtonPos property (mbpLeft, mbpRight) added (to allow placement of MinButton on the left side near caption's checkbox).
[+] TElAdvancedPanel: OnBeforeRestore, OnBeforeMinimize events added to which allow preventing restoring\minimizing.
[+] TElAdvancedPanel: OnRestoreHeight event added (procedure(Sender : TObject; var AHeight : integer)) to can change the height that will be restored. This can be useful for example to align several panels inside other control.
[+] TElSideBar: OnStartDrag event published.
[-] TElAdvancedPanel: small problem with custom min button glyph fixed.
[-] TElDateTimePicker: event "On change" is fired twice when the date is changed. fixed.
[-] TElEdit: WM_UNICHAR message now is processed correctly.
[-] TElIniFile: key's value with empty name was stored incorrectly. fixed
[-] TElMenuBar: change UseXPThemes property has no effect on corresponding TElMainMenu. fixed.
[-] TElMenuBar: links to TElMainMenu were not cleared when new menu was assigned to control's Menu property or this property was set to nil. fixed.
[-] TElMainMenu: incorrect background color when themes is available. fixed.
[-] TElRadioGroup: redundant OnClick event calls is some specific case. fixed.
[-] TElSplitter: incorrect resizing if controls are placed on some parent (not on form). fixed.
[-] TElTree, TElXTree, TElDBXTree: some problems with right-aligned trees are fixed. 'Tree.Selected := nil' brings to av. fixed.
[-] TElXTree: Html item text has wrong position (both vertically and horizontally). fixed.
[-] TElXTreeCells: if RightAlignedText and RightAlignedView is 'true', the cells text that must be clipped is drawn as ".... xxxxxxxxx" (not like "xxxxxxx ...." as earlier)

Release 5.08.50 (02-Feb-2007)

[+] TElHTMLRender: read-only property TElHTMLItem.ItemType: THTMLItemType added.
[+] Property StressShortCut: TShortCut was added to TElEdit and all its descendants and tree-editors with such descendant inside them.
[*] TElTree, TElXTree : InsertItemFromString is function (instead of procedure) that returns the created item.
[-] TElColorCombo: excessive calls of colors dialog window. fixed.
[-] TElHTMLPanel, TElAdvancedPanel: small problem with redraw when control was resized fixed.
[-] TElInspector and ElInspectorRTTIDataSource: many properties aren't changed correctly. fixed.
[-] TElTrayIcon: ExtendetHintForm excessive show during show icon's PopupMenu. fixed.
[-] TElX(DB)Tree: Some problems in right-aligned tree was solved.
[-] Changed the behaviour of editors for TElXTree: now its alignment set equal as trees header section's alignment (and not depends from data field for TElDBTreeEdit and TElWideDBTreeEdit).

Release 5.08.00 (19-Jan-2007)

[+] TElCalendarDialog: new property FlatButtons added. Use CalendarFlatButtons property to specify whether a calendar form's buttons should be flat.
[+] TElDateTimePicker: property CalendarFlatButtons added. Use CalendarFlatButtons property to specify whether a calendar form's buttons should be flat.
[+] TElXTree: method TElXTreeItem.CopyTo(NewParent: TElXTreeItem) added. Copies item to the NewParent with all its childrens.
[-] Controls that have Action property can be linked with any 3rd party controls which are descendants of TBasisAction. Added possibility that action's Caption and Hint contain widestring value.
[-] TElDBTreeNavigator: small bug corrected in behaviour of 'last' button.
[-] TElExplorerBar.TElExplorerBarGroup.CaptionSettings: ShowCloseButton not store/restore on form. fixed
[-] TElHTMLView: the difference in scrollbars behaviour, depend from UseCustomScrollbars. fixed.
[-] TElIniFile: problem with reading from file in case that path contain symbols from not native code pages. fixed.
[-] TElPageControl: A gradient on tabs is shown incorrectly when style is set to ModernAngled and position is set not to the bottom. fixed. Corrected drawing of Angled (ModernAngled) styled tabs.
[-] TElScrollBar: when left and right buttons is in disable state, the thumb paint as enable. (see in ElExplorer demo) fixed.
[-] TElTreeCombo: combo closes only in case that item's text was clicked instead of whole item. fixed.

Release 5.07.00 (22-Dec-2006)

[+] TElBiProgressBar: new property Marquee: Boolean
[+] TElBiProgressBar: new property MarqueeSize: Integer default 20 - size of marquee as percent of bar size.
[+] TElBiProgressBar: new property MarqueeUpdateInterval: Integer default 25 - timer interval
[+] TElBiProgressBar: new property MarqueeColor: TColor default clMaroon
[+] TElHTMLComboBox, TEl(Wide)DBComboBox: now possible to use OnItemDraw event.
[-] TElAdvancedPanel.CaptionsSetting.MinButtonGlyph did not restore from DFM. fixed.
[-] TElDBTree: small memory leak eliminated.
[-] TElDateTimePicker: PopupCalendar button change its state when controls Enabled property was changed. fixed.
[-] TElHTMLRender: memory leak eliminated.
[-] TElShellComboBox: memory leak eliminated.
[-] TElShellList: memory leak eliminated.
[-] TElSideBar: changing BorderStyle has no effect. fixed.
[-] TElSideBar: When controls size is smaller than buttons size and user uses keyboard to navigate through the items, the item list does not move corresponding to this. fixed. The selected item can be not visible when SideBar change its size. fixed.
[-] TElPageControl: bug in drag-n-drop procedure: dragging not automatically stoped when tab was dropped into other control. fixed.
[-] ElRegExpr: memory leak eliminated.
[-] TElDBWideLookupComboBox: TopMargin has no effect. fixed.
[-] TElXTree: some problem with scrollbars are fixed.
[-] Some problems with columns or sections adding in rigth-aligned (db)(x)trees and headers was solved.

Release 5.06.10 (17-Nov-2006)

[-] TElHTMLLabel: control doesn't take into account enabled state when painting (IsHTML = false). fixed.
[-] TElPopupButton, TElGraphicsButton: some fixes in OnClick and OnDblClick events calls.
[-] TElXTreePrinter: Items font is smooth now.
[-] TElXTree: some problems with RightAligned mode and fixed columns resolved.
[-] TElXTree: corrected abnormal position of inplace editor in case FixedColumn > 0.
[-] TElPopup-Button,TElGraphicbutton,TElToolButton : small problem with buttons alignment was eliminated.
[-] TElHTMLView: when quickly moving forms with TElHtmlView off the screen and back, part of control was drawn incorrect. fixed.
[-] TElHTMLComboBox, TElTreeInplaceComboBox: possible to see the text that isn't in the list when Style = csDropDownList. fixed.

Release 5.06.00 (31-Oct-2006)

[+] LMDElConst: LMDElHideSelectTextColor - constant was added for default value of HideSelectTextColor control's property.
[+] TElDBXTree: Item.MoveTo, Item.MoveToIns methods added.
[+] TElDateTimePicker: CalendarStyle property added to be possible use TMonthCalendat instead of TElCalendar.
[+] TElListBox: OnChange event added. Fires when ItemIndex was changed.
[*] TElDBXTreeItem: MasterValue, MasterField properties was moved to public section.
[-] HTMLRender: small fix to draw transparent images properly.
[-] TElDateTimePicker: Change the Date when MinDate or MaxDate was changed and Date is outside of valid range.
[-] TElDateTimePicker: calendar form's look was redesigned.
[-] TElDBXTree: incorrect building of self-referenced and filtered trees was fixed. problem with change MainTreeColumn was resolved.
[-] TElEdit: small resource leak was eliminated.
[-] TElExplorerBarGroup.CaptionSettings.Alignment, TElPopupButton.Alignment, TElGraphicButton.Alignment properties was ignored. fixed.
[-] TElExplorerBarGroup: Checkbox is allways shown for TElExplorerBarGroup in IDE. fixed.
[-] TElFolderNameEdit: folder dialog must be modal.
[-] TElHTMLHint: small fix to identify html in string hints that was created with CreateUnicodeHintString function.
[-] TElMenuItem: small fixes in item's drawing procedures.
[-] TElPopupMenu: draw popup menu very quickly in the top left corner of the screen, before drawing itself correctly in the right place. fixed.
[-] TElXTree: autosize didn't consider indentation of item. fixed.
[-] TElXTree: Rect calculation for tree inplace editor was changed.
[-] TElXTree: cells text alignment fixed, space between the checkboxes in TElXTree and the text was added.

Release 5.05.00 (21-Sep-2006)

[+] TElCheckGroup, TElComboGroup: property TransparentXPThemes added.
[+] TElFontComboBox: function FontIndex(AFontName : TFontName):integer added to find index of font in list.
[+] TElGroupBox: TransparentXPThemes
[+] TElInputDialog: OnEditorKeyPress event added.
[+] TElLabel: OnMouseEnter, OnMouseLeave events implemented in delphi5.
[+] TElListBox, TElHTMLListBox: property HideFocusRect added. Note: If true, the focus rectangle is not drawn in all cases.
[+] TElStatusBar.Images, TElStatusPanel.ImageIndex was added.
[+] TElTreeInplaceComboBox: property IsHTML added.
[+] TElTreeItem, TElXTreeItem: procedure ReRenderMainText, ReRenderAllTexts - to render html-text if required.
[-] TElComboBox: small fix to handle NULL values correctly.
[-] TElEdit: small fixes for correct OnSelectionChange event firing.
[-] TElFormCaption: incorrect caption drawn if biSystemMenu in the form's property BorderIcons is False.
[-] TElHTMLComboBox, TElHTMLListBox: (IsHTML = True) the selected item ignores FocusedSelectColor. fixed.
[-] TElListBox: extra-space for TElListBox between Border and Text added.
[-] TElPageConrol: XP-style supports for all styles of tabs except Angled regardless of TabPosition.
[-] TElShellCombo: memory leak is eliminated.
[-] TEl(DB)TreeStringGrid: resolved problems with mouse events: double firing OnMouseDown event, OnDblClick never fires.
[-] TElXTree: feedback between tree and its global style(tree.style) was added.
[-] TElXTree: resolved problem with correct drawing ElXtree without columns when RowSelect = false
[-] TElXTree, TElXHeader: Some problems with RightAligned mode resolved.
[-] TElXTreeCell: incorrect drawing when HeaderSection.Style = elhsImageIndex.
[-] TElMouseHint: fixed bug with flashing when control was loaded or it's Active changed.
[-] TElCustomComboBox: prevention of the deletion the selected Item in csDropDownList style.
[-] ElStrUtils: fixed small bug in the function PrettyStrToCurr.

Release 5.04.00 (22-July-2006)

[+] TELDBTreeStringGrid, TElDBXTreeStringGrid: Multiselect property was added.
[+] TElMemoCombo: property added ButtonArrowColor: TColor
[+] ElPopupButton, ElGraphicButton: OnMouseEnter, OnMouseLeave events was added.
[+] TElTrayInfo: method SetMessageIndex(const Index: Integer) was added to set the current message by index.
[+] TElXTreeCell: Data property was added for storing user defined data. Note: The ElXTree doesn't free this memory when the cell is deleted.
[+] TElXTree: OnCellDeletion event was added.
[-] TCustomElCombo: eliminated memory leak when autocompletion property was setted.
[-] TElColorCombo: When solid color selected, setting SelectedColor in code want change ElColorCombo's color. fixed.
[-] TElColorCombo, TElDriveComboBox ignores FocusedSelectColor, FocusedSelectTextColor properties. fixed.
[-] TElCheckBox: when UseXPThemes and UseImageList both used, ElCheckBox text was not grayed after disable. fixed
[-] TElCheckGroup, TElRadioGroup: Fixed bug in Item's position calculating to prevent items disappear when its total height is too big.
[-] TElSplitter: Some fixes to correct calculation of sizes when form is resize.
[-] TElFontComboBox ignores DisabledColor, DisabledTextColor properties.Fixed.
[-] TElGraphicButton locked in down state on drag. fixed.
[-] TElGraphicButton, TElPopupButton: OnDblClick never fired. fixed.
[-] TElHTMLComboBox ignores DisabledColor, DisabledTextColor properties.Fixed.
[-] TElHTMLLabel: av with empty caption and IsHTML = True.
[-] TElHTMLRender: transparent and non transparent images now are drawed on the one level: vertically centred.
[-] TElImageComboBox: problem with non changing ReadOnly fixed. Problem with joint use ManualEdit and ImageNames fixed. Now image can be found by ImageNames by completion of its name.
[-] TElTrayInfo, TElTrayIcon: fixed : message never shown; memory leak.
[-] TElXHeader: Incorrect calculation function TElXCustomHeader.InResizeArea when tree has some fixed columns. Some problems in drawing procedures resolved.

Release 5.03.10 (09-June-2006)

[+] TElXTreeCell.Tag property added.
[-] TElXTree: ExplorerEditMode now works properly.
[-] TElListBox: AV in Delete method fixed.
[-] TELHTMLListBox: some fixes in drawing procedures: frame around focused item, focused but not selected item has no fill, HideSelectColor and HideSelectTextColor are taken into account.

Release 5.03 (26-May-2006)

[+] Controls with calculator: reaction on paste from clipboard added.
[+] TElCalendar: properties LineBorderColor, CurrentDayBitmap, CurrentDayUseBitmap added.
[+] TElCalendar: LineBorderColor - color that used for borders with style = fbtColorLineBorder CurrentDayBitmap - transparency bitmap to mark the current day CurrentDayUseBitmap - use CurrentDayBitmap or not The same properties to datapickers and calendar dialog controls added.
[+] TElCalendar: Property AutoSize added. Control's size is calculate depending on font's size.
[+] TElGroupBox: CheckBoxChecked property is changed by accelerator key .
[+] TElMaskEdit: property WantTabs added to allow to process Tab key by OnKeyPress event.
[*] TElGroupBox, TElCheckGroup, TElRadioGroup, TElCheckBox: UseImageList and UseCustomGlyphs have effect with UseXPThemes.
[*] TElCalculator: adjust calendar's sizes when font's size changed.
[-] TCustomElCombo: DropDown list shown on click when not needed (Style = csDropDown, ReadOnly = True)
[-] TCustomElCombo: Modified property does not work if combo changed by keyboard or mouse.
[-] TCustomElEdit: fixed bug in draw procedure when UseXPThemes is on and BorderStyle = bsNone
[-] TElColorCombo: UseDisabledColors has no effect.
[-] TElCheckBox, TElRadioButton: OnClick event fires when Checked property changed.
[-] TElDateTimePicker: fixed control's repainting when its Enabled property changes.
[-] TElHotKey: Invalid keys processing (Up and Down).
[-] TElMenu, TElMenuBar: OnAdvancedDrawItem in ownerdraw menus never calls. fixed
[-] TElMenuBar: Incorrect drawing fixed when menu has tdsOfficeXP menu style and vertical orientation.
[-] TElMemoCombo: Incorrect calls of OnEnter, OnExit events fixed.
[-] TElMouseHint: some fixes for correct calculating of the hint windows sizes.
[-] TElPageControl: problem with DblClick event was resolved.
[-] TElPageControl: Fix for bitmap properties (BitmapActiveTab etc.) to load properly.
[-] TElPanel, TElToolbar: Grabs was drawn without visual styles. Fixed.
[-] TElRadioGroup: OnClick event fires when RadioGroup.ItemIndex property changed.
[-] TElXHeader: Section with merged cells now can be deleted without problems.
[-] TElXTree: incorrect drawing and av when items cleas (FixedBottomRowNum > 1) fixed.
[-] ElXTreePrinter: item checkboxes and images are not shown when PrintAsIs = false; StripedItems work not correctly when PrintAsIs = true and part of the tree is not seen.

Release 5.02.10 (24-Apr-2006)

Minor update replacing some files.

Release 5.02 (19-Apr-2006)

[+] TElFontListBox control added.
[+] TElXTree: Event OnHeaderSectionCellClick(Sender: TObject; Section: TElXHeaderSection; Cell: TElXHeaderCell); added to retrieve which cell was actually clicked.
[-] TElXTree: Part of next non-fitting item will be shown in end of tree
[-] TElAdvancedPanel: Font property from CaptionSettings has no effect. fixed.
[-] TCustomElCombo: Fixed some errors in completion and drawing procedures (Style = csDropDownList).
[-] TElHTMLComboBox: Use ListBox.Width instead combo's Width in render procedure.
[-] TElHTMLLabel: problems when its AutoSize=false fixed.(affected TElDBLabel as well)
[-] TELIniFile: Bug with wrong read binary property class fixed. 'Background' property reading in TElStyleManager corrected.
[-] TElMenuItem: Align's setting corrected in Draw*RightToLeft procedures.
[-] TElPopupMenu: Fixed little problem with up button click in big popup menu.

Release 5.01 (03-Apr-2006)

[+] Adding global variables for Windows Vista and other new Windows versions [AH]
[+] TElWideDBComboBox control added.
[*] property OnCloseUp; published in TElComboBox
[*] Property editor for TElXTreeItems registered.
[*] TElCalculaterEdit UseCustomScrollBars added
[*] TElDriveComboBox ItemIndex property added
[*] TElMemoCombo VertScrollBarStyles property added
[*] Some changed in db-controls: TElDBWideEdit, TElDBWideMomo, TElDBButtonEdit, TElDBCombobox, TElDBCurrencyEdit, TElDBDateTimePicker, TElDBSpinEdit , TElDBFloatSpinEdit, TElWideDBLookupComboGrid, TElWideDBLookupComboBox. Now its ReadOnly state depends on dataset(field) conditions; new property DisplayReadOnlyOptions added [EK]
[*] TElPageControl: Images can now be assigned only to single tabs (all other tabs behave normally)
[-] Drawing of TElXTree and TELXHeader with FixedColNum > 0 are corrected. [EK]
[-] Wordwrap and HTML at the same time on ElXTree cells now possible
[-] Some changes in drawing procedures of Tree and XTree (Selection-Height in Tree is to big, tag < p > has no effect in html item etc.)
[-] AV in Header (DragableSections = True) when lookup marker has pressed.(BTS #370)
[-] Part of combo was drawn with white background. fixed. [EK]
[-] Searching in tree by entering text in header combo fixed. [EK]
[-] ultheme issue fixed (will be no longer included in Delphi 7 and better)
[-] C++ Builder 6 Designtime Package file fixed (for source installations)
[-] Fixes in behaviour of visual controls in readonly state. Now value can't be changed by buttons, up\down keys etc.
[-] TElXTree: Rename NotRaiseForBarStyle -> BarStyleNotRaise property to group BarStyle properties in objectinspector [EK]
[-] TElXTree, TElXTreeCell font properties change notofication added.
[-] TElXTree: Fixed AlwaysKeepSelection and AlwaysKeepFocus properties. OnItemSelectedChange event call is more neatly.
[-] TElXTree: ScrollBars now works correctly.
[-] Fixed. Some Disabled Buttons with Glyphs look bad compared to ElPack 3.2. Now for disabled buttons gray shaded bitmap is used.
[-] Some issues with DB-aware components such as 'Db-edits (TElWideDBEdit, TElWideDBMemo) do not automatically put the dataset into edit mode when a text is pasted from the clipboard' fixed.
[-] Memory Leak in PopupTracker
[-] TElXTreeItem.WholeLine property now works correctly.
[-] Designer.Modified flag for several property/component editors set correctly

Release 5.00.20 (16-Feb-2006)

[-] TElDBTreeDateTimePickerEdit / ShowClock issue fixed
[-] Navigation by keyboard arrow in TElXTree with columns fixed
[-] Fixed: TElDBDateTimepicker, TElDateTimePicker truncated date on display (non db too). Other cosmetic changes as well.
[-] Problem with ComboBox controls in Win9X fixed.
[-] TElCalendarDialog: Fixed bug with clicking on Today button at designtime; additional minor bugs with button size and position fixed.
[-] Problems with MegaDemos using TElPageCtrl control in non-themed environments fixed

Initial Public Release 5.00.10 (13-Feb-2006)

No updates available yet.