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This documents contains history logs for LMD-Tools 2004 releases.
[+] Feature added
[*] Feature changed
[-] Bug fixed

History Logs

LMD-Tools Core 7.X

Release 7.13.10 (06-June-2007)

[*] Enhanced CodeGear RAD Studio 2007 integration
[-] Transparent (first) display of TLMDCalendarComboBox fixed

Release 7.13.00 (20-May-2007)

[+] OnMouseActivate and OnContextPopUp property events added to several controls
[*] Additional D2k7 and Vista adaptions
[-] Minor bug with InitialDir in TLMDFileSaveEdit/FileOpenEdit fixed

Release 7.12.60A (20-Mar-2007)

[-] Delphi 2007 only: Design-time problem (IDE could freeze) fixed.

Release 7.12.60 (07-Mar-2007)

[-] BTS #479 fixed (icon problem in TLMDTaskDialog within Windows Vista)
[-] TLMDCustomMaskEdit: Redundant OnChange events problem fixed
[-] TLMDFloatRangeValidator: Problems with low limit settings fixed.

Release 7.12.51 (05-Feb-2007)

[-] TLMDFormVistaExtension functionality integrated again

Release 7.12.50 (19-Jan-2007)

Designtime Editors

[-] TLMDSimpleBevel editor Stack overflow problem in certain IDEs fixed.

TLMDCustomMaskEdit and descendants

[-] LMDDB*SpinEdit: OnChange was not triggered, fixed;
[-] Numberbase related minor fixes;
[-] Caret positioning while deleting and backspacing for meCurrency and meFloatNumber mask types fixed.

TLMDCustomExtSpinEdit and descendants

[+] CurrencySettings made published;
[-] LMDDB*SpinEdit: in OnChange event, Value property did not reflect the last change, fixed;
[-] OnChange issue fixed

Release 7.12.01 (21-Dec-2006)

Designtime Editors

[-] TLMDBevel editor Stack overflow problem in certain IDEs fixed.

Release 7.12 (14-Dec-2006)


[+] New control: TLMDTaskDialog.
[+] New control: TLMDFormVistaExtension

TLMDBaseEdit and descendants

[*] MousePos parameter in OnContextPopUp returns now client coordinates instead of screen coordinates (default OnContextPopUp events)
[*] Display problem in DB descendants fixed.


[-] BTS 407 issue fixed (if moving selected pair to a new location, the label moves twice as far as it should)

TLMDCustomMaskEdit and descendants

(suffix, number base, LMDExtSpinEdit related fixes and optimizations) [+] Number bases other than 10 now supported for all meFloat* masks.
[-] Deleting whole text in meInteger is now correctly handled.
[-] Check for rounding moved from ChangedText to asFloat.
[-] ReadDate, WriteDate cleaned up
[-] LMDGetFloatBaseString fixed for fractions with base other than 10.
[-] Suffix didn't display after changing MaskType. Fixed.
[-] GetSuffix function fixed (it deleted symbols even if FText did not contain suffix).
[-] Suffix didn't display when control was just loaded. Fixed.
[-] Several .net compatibility fixes.

TLMDFileOpenEdit, TLMDFileSaveEdit

[+] StartWithLastName, StartWithLastPath properties added


[-] Access Violation problem in BDS 2006 fixed.


[-] Correct Notification method added (solves problems when connected Wave-/CustomGlyphImageLists were removed from form)


[-] Artefact problem with hints fixed

Release 7.11 (16-Nov-2006)


[*] Several changes to ensure Windows Vista compatibility. Another planned update (7.12) will be released in December which will contain additional improvements (mainly concerning UAC handling for system controls). Another known problem in Vista RC release: Tracing property of Font3D/Fx objects may not work properly.
[-] BTS# 453 (several memory leaks) fixed


[-] Process termination issue fixed (BDS2006 only)


[-] Repaint problem in certain header buttons states in BDS 2006 fixed.

TLMDCustomExtCombo descendants (TLMDCheckListComboBox, TLMDCustomListComboBox, TLMDTreeComboBox, TLMDHeaderListComboBox)

[*] BTS #462 --> Clear method updated


[-]Minor fix for overwrite mode


[*] Minor changes to reflect fixes in LMDSBar/TLMDScrollBar


[-] BTS #458 fixed
[*] Additional position checkings - ensures that form is always completely visible on desktop.


[-] Issues in Currency mode fixed


[-] Missing Mouse events added
[-] Scroll codes fixed (now scrolling line down generates csLineDown instead of csLineUp as earlier, same with csPageUp/csPageDown).

Release 7.10.10 (25-Sep-2006)

 - CPU 100% usage issue fixed (BTS #444)
 - Lost alarm list items when deactivating issue fixed
 - Thread is no longer active when control is disabled
 + LMDAlarmItem.PassTimes property added
 + ResetItems method added

[-] Drawing problems in themed mode fixed and switching between theme settings (CtlXP) improved

TLMDBaseEdit and descendants

[-] Alt Gr+Character problem in some keycode settings fixed (BTS #451)

TLMDButtonControl (CheckBox, RadioGroup and all similar controls)

[+] MultiLine property added. Note: In previous releases MultiLine setting was always enabled.

TLMDCustomComboBox and descendants

[+] OnContextPopUp and OnCloseUp (from Delphi 6 on) events published.


[*] Switching between theme settings (CtlXP) improved

Release 7.10.00 (18-Aug-2006)


[+] Complete infrastructure (classes and interfaces) for validator and errorprovider controls added (16 controls)
[+] 2 additional new controls added (TLMDRegExpr and TLMDExpressionEval).


[-] Issue reported in BTS #379 fixed


[-] Error on saving edited value when EditType = ntFloatNumber (with thousand separators) fixed


[+] DropDownStyle property added (BTS #378)


[+] MemIniFile support added (itMemIniFile mode; public MemFile property; Clear, Load, Save methods.
[+] SectionsExists and ValueExists methods added


[-] Problem with non-default MinValues (<10) fixed


[-] OffsetDirection property (BTS #376)

Release 7.05.00 (10-Apr-2006)


[-] Missing check for Active state added;
[+] SleepTime property (TimeOut for LMDAlarmTimerThread); demo update


[-] Behaviour corrected when State changes in grouped mode to unpressed and button is disabled at that time (wrong glyph was shown).


[+] PauseStpWatch, ResumeStpWatch methods; StopwatchPausedTime property; OnPauseStopWatch, OnResumeStopWatch events added (allows to use TLMDClock as simple stopwatch with pause functionality).

TLMDCustomGroup and descendants

[*] Columns number >12 is possible now.


[-] Control does no longer lose items when handle of control is recreated.


[+] ValueChecked property added.


[+] ValueChecked/ValueUnChecked properties added.


[-] AVs at designtime in certain situations fixed.


[-] Problem with "-" characters in number masks fixed.
[-] BTS #372 (extra zeroes when deleting decimal separator in FloatFixed and FloatNumber modes).
[-] moving current pos while pressing "-" in meCurrency mode fixed
[-] inserting first char instead of overwriting in meCurrency mode fixed
[-] stopping at decimalsep while deleting fixed
[-] extra zeroes while overwriting decimalsep fixed
[-] fractional part deletion when single digit before decimalsep is deleted fixed.
[*] Several changes in Currency mode.


[*] Minor change as suggested in BTS #375-


[*] BTS #374 (Visible property published).

Release 7.04.00 (27-Feb-2006)


[+] LMDSIWindowsXPServer, LMDSIWindowsVista, LMDSIWindowsXPTabletEdition, LMDSIWindowXPMediaCenterEdition variables in LMDSysIn.pas added


[*] Items Date and Time made public
[+] New AddItem, RemoveItem and ClearItems methods introduced. These methods are now the recommended way to add/remove alarmitems at runtime.


[+] New Options: doNewGUI, doNewGUINoNewFolderBtn
[+] New system folders added


[-] BTS #358 (Visibility of LMDButtonBar.Sections) fixed

TLMDCustomRadioGroup and descendants

[-] Fixed focus setting when ItemIndex changes


[-] BTS #365 (LMDForm OnNoRestoreData issue) fixed


[+] LineGap property added

Release 7.03.10 (16-Feb-2006)

This release was made available for LMD-Tools SE user only.

[-] BTS #363 (TLMDLEDLabel issue) fixed
[-] Broken Caption / Hint editor in VCL.NET releases fixed.

Release 7.03.02 (17-Jan-2006)

This release is especially intented for C++ user of BDS 2006.

[-] Linkage problem in BDS2006 for C++ personality fixed

TLMDFormDisplay, TLMDFormTabControl, TLMDWave, TLMDWaveComp

[*] The [..]Ext methods (AddFormExt, PlaySoundExt etc.) are available again for C++ user in BDS 2006


[+] AutoFocus property added (FRT #46)

TLMDBaseGraphicButton and descendants

[*] Minor change in SetNumGlyphs behaviour (only of importance when you create buttons at runtime)

Release 7.03.01 (21-Nov-2005)

LMD-Tools SE assembly (VCL.NET and SE version only) The manifest file referenced by LMD.Vcl.LMDXPRes unit is no longer linked automatically (problem appeared with VCL.NET version only).


[-] Correct notification method added. Previously removing connected controls caused AV at designtime.

Release 7.03.00 (14-Nov-2005)


[+] Transparent and CtlXP support added


[*] Focus is no longer drawn when button is disabled


[-] LMDCustomMaskEdit: rounding bug in meFloatFixed fixed
[+] ForceMaskCheck property added (if enabled, pressing Enter key will force a validation of the current input. Previously mask was only tested when user exits control).
[+] ForceMaskValidation method added. Use this method to case mask validation via code.


[-] BTS# 324 fixed (Jumping by Ctrl+End caused invalid Row value).
[-] BTS# 327 fixed (hang up when scrolling up one line in MakeCursorVisible)


[-] BTS# 322 fixed (problem with custom memory manager, e.g. FastMM). This workaround should also fix similar problem with CodeGuard in CBuilder 5 and 6.


[+] New property BarWidth. Allows specification of with (in vertical) or height (in horizontal mode) of scrollbar. Especially useful e.g. in TLMDCustomMemo and derived controls to change the width/height of inner scrollbars. Use values of 0 or less to let control determine system settings for scrollbars.

TextPack components For several TextPack components additional properties from ancestor controls were published.

Release 7.02.00 (25-Aug-2005)

General Change: XP Theme support The XP Theme support was redesigned due to a bug in Windows XP Theme support. To workaround this, LMD-Tools controls do no longer use dynamic handles for drawing themed items. Problems like reported in BTS #245 should be therefore solved from this release on.


[*] The two system info labels were named on user request with lblinfo1 and lblinfo2 (for simpler changing in OnCustomize event). Example:

procedure MyForm.AboutCustomize (Sender:TObject); 
  with TForm (Sender) do
    TLMDSimpleLabel (FindComponent ('lblinfo1')).Caption:='MyInfoLine1'#13#10'MyInfoLine2';

[-] problem described in newsgroup for unlimited generating of events for expired alarm dates fixed
[-] Deletion of alarm dates problem fixed

TLMDBaseLabel and descendants (TLMDSimpleLabel, TLMDLabel etc.)

[-] Visible problem with Twinkle/Transparent enabled at same time fixed
[*] Twinkle effect is no longer shown at design time


[-] BTS# 262 (invisible first character issue) fixed


[-] BTS# 217 (LMDSpeedButton glyph changing issue) fixed

TLMDCustomMemo (and descendants)

[-] BTS# 197, auto hide/show for scrollbars=skAuto fixed


[-] OnDlgClose problem fixed

TLMDCustomControl and descendants; TLMDControl and descendants; TLMDCustomButton; TLMDCaptionButtons

[-] BTS# 245 (xp theme issue) fixed
[*] Structural changes concerning XP themes handling

TLMDCustomDBEdit and -Memo (and descendants)

[-] Usage of CTRL-C, CTRL-A does no longer set control into edit mode

TLMDCustomEdit (and descendants)

[-] BTS# 310 (DisplayText issue) fixed

TLMDCustomMaskEdit (and descendants)

[-] BTS# 306 (inserting garbage in certain cases) fixed


[-] TBCDField issue fixed


[+] Property "FileStampFormat" added, allows user-defined formatting of the returned timestamp-string. For possible format strings please review help for FormatDateTime method.


[-] Filesizes >2GB are now supported. FileSize properties are now of Int64 type.


[-] BTS# 041 (action shortcuts issue) fixed - TLMDFormDisplay.NewWndProc changed; with this change and correct use of flags (HookWindowProc = True, UseResForms = True) action shortcuts work correct


[-] Incorrect painting of LMDShapeDraw when mode=scmTeethFill fixed


[+] ShowRandom property: If enabled, tips are shown in random order. Otherwise they are shown in same sequence as in Tips stringlist.
[*] Empty lines in Tips list are always skipped now

Release 7.01.10 (27-May-2005)

All (focusable) button controls

[*] LMDDrawBtnFace changed. On user request buttons use font settings for font color when button is focused (previously font color was always black)


[-] OnMonthChange problem fixed (BTS #286)


[-] Bug in GetLineParams fixed (caused omission of first character when specific lines were accessed)

TLMDCheckBox, TLMDRadioButton and other glyph/text controls

[-] Calculation in LMDDrawTextAndGlpyhExt changed, was required for Glyph with multiline text display (text was cut at right border).

TLMDShape- and MessageHint

[-] Position of hintwindow fixed when displayed on other than primary monitor in multiple monitor systems

Release 7.01 (20-Apr-2005)

VCL.NET release of core controls introduced.


[-]Setting Style property of Header causes immediate repaint now. Previously a Refresh call was required to let changes take any effect.


[+] Support of OnMouse* events added.
[+] ClientPanel property (public, read-only) added


[-] Wordwrap problem in multiline mode when image is shown fixed.

TLMDImage- and BitmapList

[+] New PixelFormat: spf16bit


[-] Header sections are now shown when ListBox is placed on TFrame
[-] 25 can now be set for HeaderHeight property


[-] CRLF (#13#10) splitting while selecting text with mouse fixed.


[-] BTS #258: Correct alignment when mbNoToAll and/or mbYesToAll are displayed
[-] ButtonTitles problem fixed. Button captions must be specified in same order as TMsgDlgBtn is defined: 0. mbYes, 1. mbNo, 2. mbOK, 3. mbCancel, 4. mbAbort, 5. mbRetry, 6. mbIgnore, 7. mbAll, 8. mbNoToAll, 9. mbYesToAll, 10. mbHelp (for Hints property: 11. Glyph/MessageText)


[-] BTS #256: Exception at designtime when moving splitter (Delphi 8 and 2005 only)


[-] Drawing problem with last panel in disabled SizeGrip mode fixed.


[-] Gradient settings with ColorLists work now correctly inside TFrame

Release 7.00.61 (14-Dec-2004, Minor Update - mainly for integration of ScriptPack/FxPack into CE packages)

General Change: Label controls Until this release code for AutoSize property was processed even if Align<>alNone. This was changed. Refers to BTS #240


[-] Transparent problem (which caused AV) on forms with TLMDBack/FormFill background fixed


[+] DateInList function for testing whether a specific date is in SpecialDates collection was moved from protected to public section.Declaration is:

  function DateInList (Date : TDateTime; modeSet : TLMDVisibleModes) : TPoint;

[-] Date conversion with suffixes improved


[*] LoadDefaults was changed to avoid exceptions for several exotic/wrong settings


[-] Fix for non-shown values when table was opened in FormCreate, BTS #242


[-] For several methods the previously fixed problem with % characters still existed (Execute method et al. worked fine, though). This was fixed.
[*] Positioning in multiple monitor environments slightly changed (valid also for other dialog controls), BTS #247


[+] OnAfterPopup event


[-] Shift-Tab handling was fixed


[+] OnCustomize event; the Sender parameter contains reference to the shown form. You can typecast it e.g. via with TLMDFrmTextEditor(Sender) do...; and modify any kind of visual appeance of the dialog. Make sure that LMDTextEditor unit was added to uses clause. Check also this unit to review which controls are located on this form.
[+] CustomButton property OnCustomClick event (in connection with teBottomPanel option)
[+] AlwaysReturnText property. Enable this property if no ModalResult button is available on dialog (e.g. via teBottomPanel option). Always Text of memo in dialog control is set to Text property.
[+] New flags for Options property: [1] teStatusBar (displays statusbar) [2] teBottomPanel (displays bottom panel with Ok, Cancel and optional Custom button). Note: teStatusBar and teBottomPanel should not be enabled at the same time.

TLMDTextPack controls

[*] Many minor fixes and improvements, e.g. change of ParserClass now causes update at designtime
[-] TLMDTextRadioGroup display problem fixed

Release 7.00.60a (24-Sep-2004)


[-] Retrieving Value property fixed


[*] LMDDrawBtnFace method slightly changed. Focus/Default frame is now drawn with clWindowsFrame color.

Release 7.00.60 (17-Sep-2004)


[-] Drawing of small items when SmallGlyph is assigned fixed.
[*] Additional minor changes in control and component editor


[+] AllowAllUp property for Buttons items added


[*] Improved TabStop behaviour

TLMDCustomContainer (and derived controls)

[*] Assign method was changed, so that component editors of main controls work now in derived controls


[-] Problem with previously open tables fixed.


Control is now able to display text even if no sections are defined at all.


[+] CtlXP property
[+] OnCustomize event (Sender parameter contains reference to TForm object which displays message dialog)
[+] Escape key now already closes dialog and returns mrCancel result
[+] ButtonsStyle replaces ButtonStyle property and provides all new styles from TLMDButton or TLMDSpeedButton
[+] ShowAgainOffsetX/FShowAgainOffsetY properties (allow simple left/top positioning of ShowAgainBox)
[*] Default positioning was changed in various ways
[*] Yes to All/No to All buttons are now supported
[-] If no buttons for display are specified -> ShowAgainBox will not be displayed as well (in previous releases this combination caused AV).


[-] Minor bug fixed when Checked is disabled via code while control is focused


[+] {SPACE} key identifier supported


[+] CtlXP property (for drawing of sizegrip) added


[-] Problem with ForceUpdate method in Menu mode fixed


[*] Height of horizontal scrollbar is now considered in automatic DropDownHeight calculations

Release 7.00.59 (30-June-2004)

TLMDBaseEdit and descendants

[*] CharCase properties use now AnsiUpperCase funtions instead of UpperCase


[*] Several changes in connection with DropDownMenus


[*] AutoHeight feature for different font heights now enabled by default.

TLMDCustomComboExt (and all descendants)

[+] New AllowDropDown event. Use this event to prevent drop down box temporarily.


[-] On creating a date string it happened that an access to an empty string with fmt_str[1] was made. Now datetostr will work if the date has a "suffix"


[-] Frame around Checklistbox now longer hidden when items are deleted


[+] AutoResizePanes property


[-] The printable rect was not reduced by the space a border needs. So the letters got sometimes printed on the border.

Release 7.00.58 (19-May-2004)

[ParsePack] Several HTML output issues fixed

TLMDCustomControl and descendants

[-] Disabled Transparent property works now correctly when placed on LMD Container controls.

Release 7.00.57 (11-May-2004)


[-] AddButton/InsertButton AV fixed


[+] AutoBringToFront property. Disable this property to switch off BringToFront feature when mouse is moved into caption area.

TLMDCustomBevelPanel and descendants

[+] NoHandleUpdate property. Enable this property if handle of panel should be kept when Bevel settings are changed. This property might beuseful e.g. when an edit control is placed within a panel and panel width should be changed when enduser enters/exits edit field.


[-] Insert after AutoSelect and right key now at the correct, position, left key (first char of text is selected, pos on that one) will remove the selection now


[-] Problem with empty strings in Popup mode fixed


[-] Problem with header sizing in Delphi 7 in VirtualWith mode fixed


[-] SaveResources mode was always on, this was fixed

Release 7.00.23 SourcePack (16-Feb-2004)

[*] TLMDBaseMeter and descendants: UserValues which are out of bounds are no longer ingored but resetted to MinValue/MaxValue

[Edit/Memos] [+] Options property added. Current flags: eoNarrowHeight (one extra pixel for border is left out) and eoSuppressDefaultMenu (default context menu is not displayed).
[-] Performance drop when using WinXP Themes solved
[-] Cursor problem when Memo was ActiveControl on a form fixed

Release 7.00.23 (19-Jan-2004)

[*] DBSpeedButtons provides now ButtonStyle property
[*] OnContextPopup is generated in BaseEdit and descendants
[-] CaptionButtons problem with Arrow buttons fixed
[-] AV when setting Active property in TrayIcon component fixed.
[-] Fix for TLMDScrollBar and TLMDMemo which caused heavy CPU usage.
[-] TLMDCustomPanelFill update at designtime fixed

LMD BarPack 1.X

Release 1.03.00 (07-Mar-2007)

[*] Several performance improvements, Delphi 2007 compatibility.

Release 1.02.00 (25-Feb-2006)


[+] LineGap property


[+] Margin property added (specifies border in sections)
[+] InfoLineGap property added. Allow specification of line gaps in Information label.

Release 1.00.60 (30-May-2005)

[+] OnBeforeExpand/OnBeforeCollapse for ExplorerBarSections

Release 1.00.54 (08-Dec-2004)

[-] AV during application exit when Linked controls are used in ExploreBar Sections (BTS #241)

Release 1.00.53 (10-Sep-2004)

[-] AVs fixed during running animations
[-] Glyphs assigned to control's Glyph properties are now used correctly

Release 1.00.52 (30-June-2004)

[-] TLMDExplorerBar: GetSectionByPoint bug fixed (this bug had consequences for invisible sections)

Release 1.00.51 (21-May-2004)

[-] Repaint problem in TLMDExplorerBar fixed

Release 1.00.50 (21-Apr-2004)

[-] Resource leak on Win9X systems (caused by TransparentBlt API call in MSImg32.DLL) fixed
[-] Small resource Leak in TLMDExplorerBar fixed
[*] OnDragOver/OnDragDrop is now called in TLMDSectionBar for external controls

Release 1.00.01 (28-July-2003)

[-] LMDBarCtlXPSupported function can be used to check whether Themes is available and enabled for current application (defined in LMDBarBase). This method was accidentally used in ExplorerBar demo in first release but now made public.

LMD DesignPack 3.X

Release 3.00.00 (16-Aug-2006)

Initial Release.

Release 2.22.10 (10-Apr-2006)

[-] TLMDDesignPanel: "Autoscroll" property not persistent fixed (BDS2006)

Release 2.22.00 (31-Oct-2005)

[-] Workaround for custom memory manager (Fast MM) problem added

Release 2.21.01 (21-Apr-2005)

[-] Freeze problem with TLMDDesignManager in Delphi 2005 IDE fixed

Release 2.21.00 (10-Sep-2004)

[+] ReadOnly property for diagram controls

Release 2.20.00 (23-Jun-2004)

Feature Update! Check DesignPack ReadMe for more info.

Release 2.10.00 (06-Jan-2004)

Feature Update! (e.g. new visual styles and support of property categories) Check DesignPack ReadMe for more info.

Release 2.00.20 (09-Aug-2003)

[+] TLMDDBDiagram: New event OnItemClick. Also LMDDBDiagram demo was extended.

LMD FxPack 1.X

Initial Release (08-Dec-2004) No updates available yet.

LMD RichPack 3.X

Release 3.06.60 (18-Aug-2006)

[-] TLMDRichEdit: SetRulerPosition, fix for possible AV and Overflow errors when RichEdit.Align = alClient and Ruler was visible at the same time.

Release 3.06.50 (10-Apr-2006)

[*] TLMDRichEdit: Changes in FindText and ReplaceText method. New default for options parameter is [searchDown]. Thus FoundAt:= Editor.FindText( 'LMD', 0, Length(Editor.Lines.Text)); will search for the first occurence of 'LMD'. If searchDown flag is not set, search is processed from StartPos towards beginning of the document (RichEdit DLL version 2 or better required).

In 7.03.02 release of LMD-Tools an additional Demo (Delphi\RichEdit_Execute) was added for demonstrating a way to encapsulate RTF dialog in a method (such Execute methods will be part of the next major RichPack release).

Release 3.06.10 (25-Feb-2006)

[+] Numbering actions: FirstIndent/LeftIndent properties added

Release 3.06.00 (15-Nov-2005)

[TLMDRichScrollBox] [-] BTS #317 fixed (scrollbar problem with different dpi settings)

Release 3.05.00 (25-August-2005)

[TLMDRichLabel and descendants] [*] Cursor property functionality enabled in RichLabel controls as used in VCL

[TLMDRichEdit and descendants] [+] ShowDefaultPopup property: If enabled, no default menu is shown.
[+] OnBeforeSave, OnAfterSave events. Use the later one if you want to switch off automatic optimizing of RichText display after save operations (which could lead to movement of scrollbar etc., though). Simply set skipDefaultBehaviour value to true in this case.
[-] WMRButtonUp handler changed to workaround bug in certain RichEdit DLLs (Popup menu displayed twice)

[TLMDRichEditActions] [*] Minor changes. Save actions now handle Modified property of connected RichEdit control better.

Release 3.04.61 (12-May-2005)

Fix in label controls where after special characters links were no longer recognized.

Release 3.04.60 (15-Mar-2005)

[-] Various fixes

Release 3.04.51 (24-Sep-2004)

[-] AV with TLMDRichEdit fixed

Release 3.04.50 (14-Sep-2004)

[-] TLMDRichScrollBox: Scrollbar error in Win9x fixed
[-] Several other minor bugfixes and changes for VCL.NET compatibility

Release 3.04.11 (30-Jun-2004)

[-] Several minor bugfixes

Release 3.04.10 (30-Mar-2004)

[*] TLMDRichLabel link handling changed

Release 3.04.00 (29-Jan-2004)

[TLMDRichEdit] [*] RTFText property reintroduced
[*] Left/First Indent logic of a paragraph was changed. New meaning: LeftIndent -- paragraph relative to the left margin, FirstIndent -- first line of the paragraph

[TLMDCustomRichLabel and descendants] [-] Several problems with bevel painting fixed

[Storage Controls, Collection Editor] [+] You can open editor for an item via double click instead via object inspector now

Release 3.03.00 (08-Jan-2004)

[TLMDRichEdit] [-] several position and TLMDRuler issues fixed
[+] Method: procedure SetSelRange(SelStart, SelLength: integer);
[+] Event: OnLinkMouseMove -- e.g., for updating statusbar (like PropertyEditor from pLMDRTFHyperTextEditor.pas) or as hint (like in pHyperLink.dpr project).
[+] OnLinkMouseMove is generated when entering/exiting mouse cursor into/out link area.

[TLMDCustomRichLabel] [-] Resizing problems fixed

[HyperText] [+] Behaviour of links was improved (including usability of corresponding forms). Check updated HyperLink demo for more info

Release 3.02.00 (09-Dec-2003)

[TLMDRichEdit] [-] Ability to past raw text improved.
[-] Fixed several bugs with non-English charset.
[+] New method: procedure PastePlainText; (Paste raw text from ClipBoard).
[+] procedure InsertGraphic(aGraphic: TGraphic);

[TLMDCustomRichLabel] [-] improved display in transparent & smoothing mode
[-] fixed bug with change of DeltaX and DeltaY values

[TLMDRichScrollBox] [-] Division by Zero error fixed which happened eventually when loading different text snippets
[-] Scrollbar initialization when loading different files corrected

[TLMDRichSyntaxEdit] [*] processing non-standard keywords, work scheme and work speed improved

[Hint] [*] You can minimize flicker in transparency mode: Set for Parent controls of TLMDCustomRichLabel and descendants DoubleBuffered := True;

Release 3.01.00 (23-Nov-2003)

[-] bug fixed: put link text to Clipboard
[-] bug fixed: clear selection with links
[-] TLMDRichScrollBox: flickering when using scrollbars reduced
[-] fixed several bugs with Indents.

LMD ShellPack 3.X

Release 3.04.01 (19-Jan-2007)

[-] Double firing of OnChange event (when LMDShellFolder.ChDir is called) fixed.

Release 3.04.00 (12-Nov-2006)

[+] TLMDShellFindDialog: OldStyle property added. Use this property to display the old style find dialog.
[+] TLMDShellList: New SortColumn method for changing sorted column settings in vsReport style at runtime. Following call variations are possible:

 procedure SortColumn(aColumn:TLMDShellItemDetailsColumn); -->  sort after column of type aColumn, e.g. sh.SortColumn(cdName);
 procedure SortColumn(aColumn:TLMDShellItemDetailsColumn;aDirection:TLMDShellSortDirection); --> as before but with sort order aDirection.
 procedure SortColumn(aIndex:Integer); --> sort after column with index aIndex, e.g. sh.SortColumn(1);
 procedure SortColumn(aIndex:Integer; aDirection:TLMDShellSortDirection); --> as before but with sort order aDirection.

[-] TLMDShellList: Problem with frames fixed.

Release 3.03.00 (10-Apr-2006)

[-] TLMDShellFolder: Using ChDir method with natural folder names (like 'C:\') does now correctly update history.
[-] TLMDShellList: Calling of Rename from Context menu fixed. In Delphi 5 update of shell list after rename operation corrected.
[-] TLMDShellList: Executing exe-/linked files with extended security settings fixed.

Release 3.02.50 (25-Feb-2006)

[+] TLMDShellSysBrowseDlg, new options: boNewGUI, boNewGUINoNewFolderBtn

Release 3.01.00 (17-Sep-2004)

[-] Several minor fixes, VCL.NET compatibility

LMD ScriptPack 3.X

Release 3.00.00 (16-Aug-2006)

Initial Release.

LMD SearchPack 2.X

Release 2.04.10 (18-Aug-2006)

[-] TLMDSearchFileGrep: AV on locked files fixed

Release 2.03.50 (14-Sep-2004)

[-] Several minor fixes
[-] Several changes for improved VCL.NET compatibility

Release 2.03.10 (04-Jul-2004)

[TLMDSearchFileGrep] (suggested by ConDev) [+] property TemplateValid : Boolean
[+] property OnTemplateInvalid : TNotifyEvent
If upon assignment of "SearchString" the template parsing fails, the "TemplateValid" property is set accordingly. In addition the "OnTemplateInvalid" event is used to suppress former message (or let the user decide what error message pops up)

Release 2.03 (20-Oct-2003)

[+] TLMDSearchFileGrep: OnErrorOpenFile event. This event is generated when a file matches filemask, but
contents of file could not be checked.

Release 2.02 (30-Aug-2003)

[-] Fixed: Skip character after found wildcard
[-] Fixed: Result list fixed

Release 2.01 (19-May-2003)

[-] Problem with search expression starting at first position fixed
[-] MatchCase bug fixed
[+] New properties: AnySequenceCharacter and AnySingleCharacter - Use them to specify custom wildcard characters.

LMD SysPack 2.X

Release 2.01.50 (25-Feb-2006)

[-] TLMDSysPrinter info display corrected
[-] Fixed: When calling Refresh at runtime for info object, items in Collection are doubled.
[+] pfWinVista added for TLMDSysPlatform type

Release 2.01.00 (17-Jan-2006)

[-] BTS# 284 fixed

Release 2.00.52 (24-Sep-2004)

[-] Fix for AV in SysMemoryObject
[-] Problem in TLMDSysTimeZone fixed (BTS #146)

Release 2.00.51 (14-Sep-2004)

[*] Changes in memory detection routines
[*] Several changes for improved VCL.NET compatibility

Release 2.00.50 (20-Apr-2004)

[TLMDSysInfoListView ] [+] ShowDescriptionColumn property
[+] Columns property made public

[TLMDSysNetworkEnumerator] [+] OnEnumItem event
[+] CancelThread method

LMD StoragePack 1.X

Release 1.09.20 (19-Jan-2007)

[-] Small memory leaks in TLMDStorXML.Parse fixed

Release 1.09.10 (10-Apr-2006)

[-] TLMDStorIniVault: BTS #373 (RenameSections did not work correctly).

Release 1.08.30 (25-July-2005)

[TLMDStorXMLVault] [+] MainTag property. Besides header and footer you may now specify the main tag which is used to store tag (was previously fixed to <LMDStorageData> and </LMDStorageData>). Use with care for existing applications!

Release 1.08.10 (27-May-2005)

[TLMDStorINIVault] [-] Bug with corrupting INI file after list properties fixed.

Release 1.08.00 (17-Sep-2004)

[TLMDStorPropertiesStorage] [*] property TLMDStorPropertiesStorage.SkipNotFoundComponents moved to the published section.
If SkipNotFoundComponents = True then exception not generated, but OnNotFound event occur in any case. [+] TLMDStorCustomPropertiesStorage.OnNotFound event added: OnNotFound(Sender: TObject; const CompName: string; var RaiseException: Boolean);
[+] TLMDOSReader.OnNotFound event added

Release 1.07.00 (10-July-2004)

[+] OnCustomRootRead & OnCustomRootWrite events for Vault controls. Allow specification of custom root control.
[*] TLMDStorPropertiesStorage: Frames are supported now.
[-] Several bugfixes in Vault controls.
[-] LMDStorage-Base64 fixed

Release 1.06.50 (30-Mar-2004)

[-] "Data not found" bug when no active section was set fixed

Release 1.06.40 (29-Jan-2004)

[-] XML-Parser: Problem with <CR> in properties fixed.
[*] Chars [#0..#31,'%','"'] stores now in vault controls as %00..%1F,%25...

Release 1.06.30 (31-Dec-2003)

[-] Problem with doubled attributes in XML files solved

Release 1.06.20 (04-Nov-2003)

[-] Fixes in Visual designer, e.g.compatbility with TChart control

Release 1.06 (20-Oct-2003)

[+] New property in TLMDStorCustomPropertiesStorage: SkipNotFoundComponents
[-] Stack overflow in certain conditions in visual design editor fixed.

Release 1.05 (05-Sep-2003)

[LMDStorBase.pas TLMDAbstractStorageVault] [*] Fixed procedure SetFileName - now file name isn't stripped during loading
[+] Add new property "AutoUpdate" in base storage class TLMDAbstractStorageVault. It is used by INI and XML vaults to toggle save mode between update after each property change (slow) and cached writing (fast).

[LMDStorINIVault.pas TLMDStorINIVault] [+] New property "AutoUpdate" of base storage class

[LMDStorXMLVault.pas TLMDStorINIVault] [+] New property "AutoUpdate" of base storage class

Release 1.04 (25-July-2003)

[-] Writer objects were completely rewritten to store default properties and empty dynamic objects.

Release 1.03 (02-July-2003)

[-] Minor Problems with dynamic objects were fixed

Release 1.02 (01-July-2003)

[-] Problems with XML format were fixed (quoted strings)

Release 1.01 (19-May-2003)

[-] Bug in visual design editor which caused an infinity loop was fixed

LMD WebPack 3.X

Release 3.05.00 (10-Apr-2006)

[*] TLMDWebUpdate: Handling of internal InternetOptions settings changed.

Release 3.04.10 (25-Feb-2006)

[-] TLMDWebHTTPScan problem with last character truncated from directories fixed

Release 3.03.01 (21-Apr-2005)

[*] Minor changes in TLMDDownload class

Release 3.03.00 (15-Sep-2004)

[*] Many changes for VCL.NET compatbility

Release 3.02.20 (30-Mar-2004)

[+] New flag moNoAddressField for TLMDMAPIOption (TLMDMapiSendMail): Keeps address field empty for better MS Exchange support

Release 3.02.10 (28-Jan-2004)

[-] URL decode function fixed (e.g. for Scan control)
[-] Minor problem with Charset in Download Form fixed
[-] Unnecessary calls in RAS support removed

Release 3.02 (20-Oct-2003)

[-] Several minor bugs fixed

Release 3.01 (15-Sep-2003)

[-] News demos for Delphi updated. In source version english resource file is by default installed.
[-] LMDHTMLObjectUnit.pas: Memory leak during parsing fixed
[-] TLMDWebHTTPScan: Memory leak fixed.
[+] TLMDWebHTTPScan.Clear method added.