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The following table lists all standard and LMD HTML tags which are recognized by ParsePack/TextPack classes or components. The feature set is different from Shared HTML support available in the common runtime libraries.
Besides that please note that unlike standard HTML definition <HTML></HTML> tags are not necessarily required, of ParserClass property is set correctly.

Standard HTML Tags

HTML Tag (Standard) Description
<b></b> Bold
<i></i> Italics
<u></u> Underlined
<s></s> Strikeout
<sub></sub> Subscript
<sup></sup> Superscript
<small></small> Courier, font size 2
<big></big> Courier + Bold
<em></em> Italic
<strong></strong> Bold
<code></code> Courier
<var></var> Italic, Bold
<cite></cite> Italic, bold
<font face= size=| point-size= color=></font> Use font with given size and color
<tt> Switch to Courier font
<br> New line
<p align=> New paragraph, align may be LEFT, CENTER, RIGHT
<hr> Horizontal line
<img src= width= height= ></img> Display of image, mention pathname for src tag
<a href=| mailto=></a> Standard Links
<table bgcolor= cellspacing= border= cellpadding= width= align= valign=></table> Support of tables
<td></td> Table cell
<th></th> Header cell
<tr></tr> Table line.
<ol><li></li></ol> Ordered list
<ul><li></li></ul> Unordered list
<h?></h?> Headings 1..6
Standard HTML control tags (radio, checkbox, list, text, password, button, textarea, submit, reset, file, select, option) <input type=></input>  

Specific HTML Tags

HTML Tag (Standard) Description
<control vclclass= width= height= name=> vclclass tag allows embedding of any Delphi control into HTML text (check TLMDTextPanel help topic)
<repeat count=></repeat> Repeats surrounded code count times.
<sunken lightcolor= lightdepth=></sunken> Sunken 3D effect
<raised lightcolor= lightdepth=></raised> Raised 3D effect
<pcolor style= lightcolor= lightdepth= shadowcolor= shadowdepth=></pcolor>  
<~~> Variables, e.g. <~~myVariable>, for use with OnGetVariable
<tree></tree> Tree items
<item></item> Tree items
Additional parameter variable: =~~ To be used instead of fixed parameter
Support of special chars (like €, ü, ö, ...)