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LMD ShellPack

Using Paste/Copy commands at runtime


if assigned(LMDShellList1.selected) then
  LMDDoContextMenuVerb( LMDShellList1, (LMDShellList1.Selected as TLMDShellListItem).ShellItem, 'copy');


LMDDoContextMenuVerb( LMDShellList2, LMDShellFolder2.ActiveFolder,'paste');

LMD RichPack

Which MS RichEdit DLL Version can I expect on a specific operating system?

Please check list of different RichEdit versions.

Searching for specific attributes

Q: I was trying out the LMD RTF wrapper (using BCB 6) and wanted to know what would be the best way to search for words or characters with a specific attribute. A:

  • Use FindTextEx
  • Check SelAttributes
    if attrs not ok then FindTextEx again.

LMD WebPack

[Linker Error] Unresolved external "InternetCloseHandle" referenced from

Simply add wininet.lib to your project (file can be found in \lib directory of your C++ Builder / BDS / CRS installation). In recent IDEs you can also add

#pragma link "wininet.lib"
in your code.