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(Release 6.08 (21-Apr-2008))
(Release 6.08 (21-Apr-2008))
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[-] TElTree, TElXTree: problems with FullRowSelect, HideFocusRect and HotTrack (Tracking) are solved. <br>
[-] TElTree, TElXTree: problems with FullRowSelect, HideFocusRect and HotTrack (Tracking) are solved. <br>
[-] TElCurrencyEdit: value was rounded incorrectly. fixed. <br>
[-] TElCurrencyEdit: value was rounded incorrectly. fixed. <br>
[-] TElTabControl: DoubleBuffered doesn't work. fixed. <br>
==== Release 6.08 (21-Apr-2008) ====
==== Release 6.08 (21-Apr-2008) ====

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This documents contains history logs for LMD ElPack 6.0 releases. First official release: 10-Sep-2007 (Win32 only)
[+] Feature added
[*] Feature changed
[-] Bug fixed

History Logs

Release 6.08 (21-Apr-2008)

[-] TElMenuBar: ElMenuItem.OnClick don't fire on submenu popup. fixed.
[-] TElTree, TElXTree: problems with FullRowSelect, HideFocusRect and HotTrack (Tracking) are solved.
[-] TElCurrencyEdit: value was rounded incorrectly. fixed.
[-] TElTabControl: DoubleBuffered doesn't work. fixed.

Release 6.08 (21-Apr-2008)

[+] TElImageForm: property StretchFormRegion added (default = false). Stretches defined region on form's size. Very useful in for systems where dpi <> 96.
[-] TElTreeComboBox: set control's size to cell size before editing.
[-] TElDBTreeNavigator: several problems was resolved.
[-] TElXTree: bug that causes av when you try to select several cells by mouse was fixed.
[-] Position of dropdown menu was wrong for systems with multiple monitors. fixed.
[-] TElListBox: problem with incremental search. fixed.

Release 6.07 (31-Mar-2008)

[+] TElExplorerBarGroup: property IsSpecial is added. If this property on, SPECIAL parts are used instead of NORMAL (ex: EBP_SPECIALGROUPBACKGROUND/EBP_NORMALGROUPBACKGROUND).
[+] TElPageControl: ShowAccelChar property added (bts 539)
[*] TElAppBar: multiple monitor support corrected.
[*] TElXTree: mouse frame selection redesigned to be more effective and to work when RowSelect is on.
[*] TElTrayIcon: multiple monitor support corrected to make PopupMenu visible only at main monitor.

Release 6.06 (19-Mar-2008)

[+] TElIniFile.ReadWideString can now be used to read both UTF8 and ANSI strings
[+] ElPack edit controls: LMDApplication.ThemeUseColorProperty added. After many requests we implemented now support of Color property in themed mode (like for themed VCL edit controls). If your application requires previous behaviour, set somewhere in your code LMDApplication.ThemeUseColorProperty to false (and like before Color property is ignored in themed mode).
[+] TElTree, TElXTree, TElTreeStringGrid: OnLinkOver event added. This event occures when mouse cursor moves over the link.
[+] Menus: New style tdsOffice2003 was added.
[+] TElEdit/TElMemo now can handle triple click to select all text.
[*] LMDHTMLUnit: small fix to process font color in links (ex: <a href="test"><font color=clRed>test<font></s> - font must be clRed + LinkColor)
[-] TElMouseHint: lost two last characters in hint caption. fixed.
[-] TElPanel, TElAdvancedPanel: Problem with parent backgrount in mode with disabled theme engine solved.
[-] TElXHeader: problem in Sections.LoadFromFile\SaveToFile fixed.
[-] TElGraphs: memory leak was eliminated

Release 6.05 (04-Mar-2008)

[*] Improved Helpfile for shared runtime
[-] Help installers for BDS/CRS IDEs handle now target path names containing spaces correctly.

[+] Validation support was added.
[+] TElFolderDialog: bfoAllowEdit option was added to include an edit control in the browse dialog box
[+] TElPanel, TElHTMLPanel: WordWrap property added to support multiline caption.
[-] fix for bugreport "Difference in Parameter iColorId when using ElPack-Theming compared to native theming"
[-] TElTree, TElTreeStringGrid: several problems in tree's behaviour was fixed: InplaceEditor InputValid Error, TElTreeStringGrid OnChanging fires twice, tree ignores AllowChange if you try to navigate by mouse click.
[-] TElXTree: same problems as in previous section were checked and corrected everywhere where it is necessary.
[-] Tree's editors: OnValidateResult event was not fired if user didn't press Return but try to end editing by mouse click. fixed.
[-] TElToolBar: difference between designtime and runtime behaviour was corrected.
[-] TElDateTimePicker: CustomCalendarNames had no effect for the translation of the month calendar combo. fixed.
[-] Editors: Appearance of control in disabled state changed.
[-] TElHeader, TElXHeader: property Aligned = alNone was not saved in dfm. fixed.
[-] TElAdvancedPanel, TElExplorerBarGroup: incorrect size in the minimized state. fixed.
[-] TElHeader, TElXHeader: corrected some problems in recalculation of the size after font changed.
[-] TElPageControl: tab not wide enough to display caption with '&'. fixed

Release 6.04 (21-Jan-2008)

[*] TElHeader, TElXHeader, TElTree, TElXTree: RightAligned mode redesigned.
[-] TElPanel: " SizeGrip does not show in TElPanel" (bts 342). fixed.
[-] TElXTree: TextAlignment has no affect in virtual style. fixed.

Release 6.03.50 (06-Jan-2008)

[+] ElStyleManager: possible to define third-level properties ex: CaptionSettings.Font.Color
[-] Problem with incorrect CaptionSettings.BackgroundColor setting fixed.
[+] CaptionSettings.Background property added to be possible define such backgrounds as TileBitmap in IDE at designtime.
[-] In systems with large fonts CheckBox size will be automatically changed only if system is higher than Windows 2000 to avoid problem with Windows.DrawFrameControl.
[-] TElStyleManager, .Net - problem with control's editor solved.
[-] TElInputProcessor, .Net - some problems fixed.

Release 6.03 (10-Dec-2007)

[-] TElPageControl: If Multiline is turned off, the closing tab doesn't making a refresh when covering the tab with a MessageBox (bts 510). fixed.
[+] TElPageControl: OnDrawTabsBackground: event was added to draw space behind tabs. It has effect only if UseXPThemes is off.
[-] TElSideBar: ItemIndex always = -1 when KeepSelection = False. fixed.
[-] TELRadioGroup: problem with ItemSpacing > -1. fixed.
[-] TElXTree: Doubleclick between header columns changes alignment of header cells. fixed.
[-] TElStyleManager: problem with properties generation in control's editor. fixed
[*] .Net - a lot of problems are fixed, a lot of demos are ported.

Release 6.02.50 (26-Nov-2007)

[-] TElEdit, TElMemo: decrease the index of top line when resize, so contents scrolls upwards if it has enough place.
[-] TElSideBar flickering (bts 576). fixed.
[-] TElTreeCombo: corrected the visual behaviour in style=tcsDropDownList.

Release 6.02 (13-Nov-2007)

[*] VCL.NET release candidates (including CRS 2007.NET packages). Final version with next minor update.
[+] TElCalculatorEdit, TElCurrencyEdit: property CalcDlgResetValue : Boolean (default=False) When it is True, the entered numbers will be added to current value, if False - the value will be reset by new.
[+] TElDateTimePicker: edfShortDateShortTime was added in the list of possible formats.
[+] TElPromptDialog: MaxWidth (default 0). The width of dialog will be limited by this value in case it is positive.
[+] TElXTree: AutoLineVisibleOnly property added (default = false). If this property is set to true, TElXTree defines item's height for visible sections only (ignores invisible header sections).
[-] DEP problem on Vista machines fixed.
[-] TElCalculatorEdit: av in runtime when CalcDlgDefZeroValue is False. fixed.
[-] TElTree, TElXTree, TElXHeader, TElHeader: incorrect text out with right-aligned italic text. fixed.
[-] TElXTree: small problem with cell size where BarStyle is on. fixed.
[-] "Junk" symbols in html-hints. fixed.

Release 6.01 (15-Oct-2007)

[+] TElCalendar,TElDateTimePicker.CustomCalendarNames: TElCustomCalendarNames - possible to set unicode day\month names to be displayed in control.

Release 6.00.50 (17-Sep-2007)

[*] Changes and fixes in shared runtime packages