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This documents contains history logs for all LMD 2017 products.
First official release: 01-Dec-2016

LMD-Tools section includes standalone packs as follows: LMD BarPack, LMD ChartPack, LMD DialogPack, LMD DockingPack, LMD FxPack, LMD GridPack, LMD InspectorPack, LMD RichPack, LMD SearchPack, LMD ShellPack, LMD SysPack, LMD StoragePack, LMD ThemePack and LMD WebPack.
LMD IDE-Tools section lists changes in LMD IDE-Tools Integration package, LMD DesignPack, LMD ScriptPack and LMD SyntaxEdit.

[+] Feature added
[*] Feature changed
[-] Bug fixed

Release 2017.1 (25-Jan-2017)


[+] New LMDApplication methods: SendDataToPrevApp, RegisterDataReceiver and UnregisterDataReceiver, which allows to exchange custom data with pervious application instance.
[+] New TLMDOneInstance events: OnSendData and OnRecevieData to exchange custom data with pervious application instance; new TLMDOneInstance helper methods: WriteAppParams and ReadAppParams. New demo for TLMDOneInstance component, which shows custom data transfer.
[+] New TLMDClipboardMonitor component.
[+] New TLMDLabeledDateTimePicker control.
[+] New Xml format is now supported by TLMDIniCtrl component.
[+] New Alignment property to TLMDEdit.CustomButtons collection item class. So, buttons can now be aligned to the left or to the right side of an edit.
[-] LMDDatePicker on zoomed displays bug fix.
[-] TLMDHtmlHeader: Section vertical text alignment bug has been fixed.
[-] TLMDListBox OnHeaderDrawSection event not fired bug fix.


[-] Small ElTreee HeaderHeight bug fix.


[-] TLMDStorCustomINIVault.CustomProperties bug has been fixed.

Release 2017.0 (01-Dec-2016)

First official release.

All packages

[+] VCL Styles support has been improved in LMD-Tools and has been added to LMD ElPack, LMD GridPack, LMD TextPack, LMD IDETools, LMD HtmlPack.
[+] StyleElements property support has been added to all packs that support VCL Styles; for XE3-up.


[+] TLMDDbRichEdit: New property RTFInStringField has been added to allow to store rtf text data in string-based fields; please note that due to API limitation connected data-set will not be automatically set to Editing mode in case rich edit text is modified from the code.
[+] TLMDDbRichEdit: Painting in replicated mode (inside TDBCtrlGrid) has been improved.
Now formatted text are painted correctly. [+] TLMDRichEdit: Embedded graphics support in printing and preview via TLMDRichEditPrintTask (in connection with LMD-PrintPack).
[+] TLMDScrollBoxExt: HorzScrollBar/VertScrollBar properties type has been changed to TLMDScrollBarObjectExt, which additionally provides read-only access to scrollbar's Min and Max properties and read-write access to Position property.
[-] TLMDCheckListComboBox bug with scrolling by mouse wheel in Windows 7 has been fixed.
[-] Icons in disabled Toolbuttons not drawn in gray bug has been fixed.

LMD ElPack

[-] TElPageControl themes bug fix.
[-] Small TElTree destruction bug fix (WMKillFocus).
[-] TELXTree.OnMouseEnter/OnMouseLeave events has been added. OnHotTrack event bug has been fixed: now the event is raised with NewItem = nil when the mouse is moved from the point over the item to the point outside the control.
[-] TElTree bug has been fixed: The last line in the TELTreeStringGrid is only clickable in the small area in the right if the horizontal scrollbar is visible.
[-] Vertical Scrollbar obscures right-most column bug has been fixed.
[-] Left/Right Arrow Cursor Movement is determined by Index order and not Visible Column Order bug has been fixed.
[-] Fixing 1 column when the field 0 is in column 3 causes a blackened heading and no data bug has been fixed.
[-] TElInplaceEditor not working when adding a new item when dropped down bug has been fixed.
[-] Some more minor issues with re-ordered columns has been fixed.
[-] Small theme-drawing of TElComboBox bug has been fixed.
[-] Flickering has been reduced in El(X)TreeStringGrid.

LMD DialogPack

[-] JSDialog: Expanded text visibility bug has been fixed.

LMD GridPack

[+] Notes about StyleElements: TLMDGrid already has advanced coloring support in VCL styles mode. Formally, if some color property is set to system color, like clWindow, that color is transformed to the corresponding VCL style color; however, if the color property is set to explicit color value, like clRed, the color is used as is, even if VCL styles is turned on. So, StyleElements implementation, just disables this automatic color transformation to keep backward compatibility.