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LMD 2009 Series

Deprecated Files

    • LMDXPThemeManager (obsolete, replaced by LMDThemes).
    • LMDXPStyles (obsolete)
    • intfLMDThemes.pas (obsolete)
  • LMD-Tools
    • LMDRgnShadow.pas (obsolete)
    • LMDHintWindow.pas (obsolete)
    • LMDNativeHintWindow.pas (obsolete)
    • LMDShapeHintWindow.pas (obsolete)
  • LMD ElPack
    • All old ElThemes*.pas files (obsolete)
  • LMD ShellPack
    • LMDShCmp50 (obsolete)
    • LMDShNtfCmn (obsolete)
    • LMDSHXPRes (obsolete)
  • ScriptPack
    • pLMDSctPE.pas (obsolete)
  • StoragePack
    • LMDStorWndProc.pas (obsolete)
  • WebPack
    • LMDWUSupport.pas (obsolete)

LMD 2007 Series


Feature Notes

TLMD3DCaption, TLMDFxCaption

Under Vista: Tracing property --> AutoSize no longer work correctly when Tracing feature is used

LMD Shell Tab

All 4 components of LMD Shell tab are now part of LMD ShellPack

Unit name changes


Features of LMDCPGet unit were splitted to following new units: pLMDCPGetCore and pLMDCPGetMain


Several featurs of LMDGraph.pas were moved to LMDGraphUtils.pas (Simply adding LMDGraphUtils.pas to uses clause solves this problem)

LMD Packs

LMD BarPack

  • LMDBarCommon unit is no longer used
  • LMDBarCtlXPSupported --> LMDApplication.XPThemesSupported (unit LMDClass).

LMD RichPack

  • LMDRichRumpTo --> LMDFireURL (LMDProcs)
  • Several basic routines in LMDRTFBase.pas can now be found in LMDProcs and LMDUtils shared RTL units.
  • Conversion routines can now be found in LMDConversion.pas unit.

LMD ShellPack

  • Unit LMDShCmp50 is no longer available, simply remove from uses clause.
  • TLMDSystemFolder types (sfDesktop, sfMyComputer etc.) are now defined in LMDShUtils unit.
  • LMDDirectoryExists method removed, use DirectoryExists method from VCl (filectrl unit).
  • LMDSHXPRes.pas, res removed completely. Use shared LMDXPRes.pas instead.

LMD SysPack

  • Several basic routines in LMDSysBase.pas can now be found in LMDProcs, LMDSysIn and LMDUtils shared RTL units.

LMD WebPack

  • ReplaceStr --> LMDAnsiReplacestr (LMDStrings unit)

LMD ElPack

  • if TElFString is used => uses ..., LMDTypes
  • replace:
    • ElUnicodeStrings -> LMDUnicodeStrings
    • TElBorderSides -> TLMDBorderSides
    • TElBkGndType -> TLMDBackgroundType (type with many new gradient's styles)
  • if you get message "The <Method Name> method referenced by <Form Name>.<Event Name> has an incompatible parameter list. Remove the reference?" then you need to replase TElFString on TLMDString in <Form Name>.<Event Name>
  • ElUxTheme -> LMDXPStyles
  • ThemesAvailable -> XPThemesAvailable
  • DrawArrow -> LMDDrawArrow (LMDGraphUtils)
  • FireURL -> LMDFireURL (LMDProcs)
  • GetOwnerFrameForm -> LMDGetOwnerFrameForm (LMDProcs)
  • GetOwnerForm -> LMDGetOwnerForm (LMDProcs)

A lot of basic routines in ElStrUtils can now be found in LMDUnicode.pas or LMDStrings.pas. Usually the new name is equal old name with LMD prefix (ex: WideStrAlloc -> LMDWideStrAlloc) but several was renamed. You can find the list of this exclusions below:

  • CompareWideStr -> LMDWideCompareStr
  • SameWideStr -> LMDWideSameStr
  • IsDigit -> LMDAnsiIsNumeric
  • IsDigitStr -> LMDAnsiIsNumericStr
  • uni2uppers, uni2lowers was moved to LMDUnicode without renaming
  • WideTrimLeft -> LMDWideTrimL
  • WideTrimRight -> LMDWideTrimR
  • const SPathDelimiters, SWidePathDelimiters -> LMDPathDelimiters, LMDWidePathDelimiters
  • GetWideStringOf -> LMDWideGetStringOf
  • GetWideCharRangeString -> LMDWideGetCharRangeString
  • H2D -> LMDAnsiH2D
  • H2DDef -> LMDAnsiH2DDef
  • IsAlpha -> LMDAnsiIsAlpha
  • StrStartsWith -> LMDAnsiStrStartsWith
  • ContainsAt -> LMDAnsiContainsAt
  • SetWideString -> LMDWideSetString

A lot of basic routines in ElVCLUtils can now be found in other modules such as LMDGraphUtils, LMDProcs etc. Usually the new name is equal old name with LMD prefix. Exclusions:

  • GradientFill -> LMDGradientPaint (parameters are little changed)

Functions from ElCBFmts has moved to LMDUtils

  • GetFormatName -> LMDGetClipboardFormatName
  • GetFormatIndex -> LMDGetClipboardFormatIndex
  • HasFormat -> LMDHasClipboardFormat
  • ElGraphics.ElDrawSmoothLine -> LMDGraphUtils.LMDDrawSmoothLine

Functions from ElInprocHookAPI has moved to LMDInprocHookAPI

  • TElList -> TLMDObjectList

ElColor was deleted. Its functions has analog in LMDGraphUtils

  • BrightColor -> LMDColorLighter
  • DarkColor -> LMDColorDarker
  • ElExtBkgnd.ExtDrawBkgnd -> LMDGraphUtils.LMDExtDrawBkgnd
  • ElExtBkgnd2.ExtDrawBkgnd -> LMDGraphUtils.LMDExtDrawBkgnd2