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This document is related to LMD 2011 packages only.
Location of the global compiler switch include file is <source>lmdcmps.inc</source> in lmdrtl subfolder or main source folder. The following sections describe the use and functionality of main compiler switches.

General switches

  • LMD_UNICODE - Unicode support: Comment this switch, to disable Unicode support (where available). Default: ON
  • LMDDISABLE_OLEINIT - Comment this to disable OleInitialize in initialization section. Default: OFF

Debug switches

  • LMD_DEBUG - Use this switch to enable/disable Debug settings for compiler. Default: OFF
  • LMDDEBUGTRACE - Required internally for special debugging purposes. Default: OFF
  • LMD_DEBUGMESSAGES - Enables or disables output of debug messages. Default: OFF

Themes related switches

No longer available. Check LMD 2009 Theme Engine for more info.

ElPack related switches

  • LMD_ELUNISCRIBE - Uniscribe support: comment this switch, to disable Uniscribe support. note: feature is in alpha stage and not available for all controls. Default: OFF
  • LMDDISABLE_ELTOOLBAR_SETUP - Disables TElToolBar.Setup method that show the dialog that lets user re-arrange and show or hide controls on toolbar. This method is hidden by default to make less executable. Default: ON
  • LMDDISABLE_ELHEADER_SETUP - Disables TElHeader.Setup method that show the dialog for sections in ElHeader object. This method is disabled by default to make less executable. Default: ON

LMDPNG related switches

  • LMD_REGISTERPNG - Register TLMDPNGObject as TGraphic format. Default: ON For Delphi 6-2008, Default: OFF For Delphi 2009+
  • LMD_PARTIALTRANSPARENTDRAWPNG - Enables drawing mode for semitransparent png images. Default: ON
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